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Black Friday, Cyber Monday…and Powerball mania

Written by Asia Massey and Johanna Vallejo, The Eagle Staff Writers

 Did you go out Christmas shopping on Black Friday? Did you get on the internet for cyber Monday? If you did then you are probably one of the 3.5 percent of people that went shopping on black Friday. 247 million people went holiday shopping over the weekend and spent more than 59 billion dollars on cyber Monday. That’s a 14% increase over last year. By noon cyber Monday online sales alone were up 24% from a year ago.

          Amazon processed 200 orders per sec. some customers said that the sales were fairly low. “In 1941, the holiday was actually pushed up a week after the head of federate department stores appealed to President Roosevelt to move thanksgiving to extend the holiday”. Opening door buster promotions started early for black Friday on Thursday evening. Online sales jumped more than 20% percent on black Friday. Overall the sales were decent and customers were happy but cyber Monday was a more success than black Friday.



            Do you know anyone who buys lottery tickets? Do you think it’s a waste of money and time? Millions of people every year buy lottery tickets in hopes of winning the Jackpot. After many annoyed wives ranting and plenty of money spent, someone wins the Jackpot and spends the rest of their lives on vacations and chocolate.

            Now, PowerBall is giving people the chance to win the 4th highest Jackpot in history. Some lucky person, or people, can win $425 million dollars. Even though the money would be paid annually for 29 years after the first immediate payment, the winner would be set for life. People now have a better chance of winning since the odds have gone from 1 in 195 million to 1 in 275 million.

            The PowerBall started in 1988 under the name of Lotto America, the name was changed to PowerBall in April of 1992. The jackpot has been won by over 176 people. All the winnings combined end up to be over $5 billion dollars. The Jackpot of $425 million exceeds the last record of $365 million.

Is it still a waste of time or a wise investment?


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Hot Christmas gift ideas

Written by Alexis Walker, The Eagle Staff Writer

Christmas is right around the corner. It’s a time of giving and being with your family. What do you want for Christmas? There are so many things to choose from this year. You also have think about what to get for others. Sometimes people get frustrated about what to get for someone. Here’s a hint. Get someone one of the hottest gifts of the year.  

The first hot gift of the year is The Kindle Fire HD. This device is a mixture of the original Kindle eReader and the Android OS tablet. The cost of this hot item is $199.00 on Amazon; possibly the cheapest place you could purchase it.

The next hot item is The Roku 2 Streaming Player. It is the simplest way to stream movies, music, and more. It includes Pandora, Netflix, Crackle, and more. This gift costs around $79.00. They are going fast, so grab it while you can!

This next item to consider is the Kindle Paper white. It’s a very popular item, if only because of how classic it is. It’s lightweight, with a built-in light for nighttime readers, a touch screen, and a remarkable battery life. The average price is $119 to $179. This is absolutely worth buying.

If you need to find a hot gift for the little ones here’s an idea: the Leapfrog Tablet 2 is great for children. It comes with 4 learning apps that are educational and fun at the same time. Children will absolutely love this gift. It comes in pink and green. These are about $188 – a lot of money but worth the price.

And remember: a handmade gift can be just as special. Search “DIY – Do It Yourself – Gifts” on Google and you will find thousands of great ideas.

Happy Holidays, Obama High School!


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Just what is this “fiscal cliff,” anyway? What’s going on in Syria? A brief primer.

Written by Maria Vaccariello and Raiell Trammell, The Eagle Staff Writers

At first when I heard about the fiscal cliff I had no idea what it was. I asked my peers and they weren’t much help. So for those who don’t know what it is; Fiscal cliff: term used to describe the presumed effect of the number of laws which could result in tax increases. One of the laws is tax increases which is the product of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts (Budget Control Act of 2010).

The democrats led by Barak Obama have a plan to prevent this disaster. His plan is to increase the taxes on millionaires to raise revenue. The republicans don’t want a tax increase of any kind and instead want to take money away from social security, Medicare and “entitlements”.

 If the two sides don’t reach resolution by January 1st current programs will expire which means tax increases for many Americans.


Bombings are a part of daily life to average Syrians and over the past two years, civil war violence has impacted most Syrians. For over a year there has been a civil war going on throughout their country. Turkey has been dragged into this war. The small wars that are going on are spreading over to Turkey’s borders. They are having issues keeping the war contained to Syria. The rebels are taking desperate measures and beginning to using children as look outs and guards. Early Thursday morning the Rebels bombed a building killing a ruling party official, Hussein Rifai.


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Wimer: Will this lockout ever end?

Written by Michael Wimer, The Eagle Staff Reporter

Will the Lockout ever end?

By: Michael Wimer

            Will this NHL lockout ever end? On Friday, November 23, 2012 the NHL cancelled more games. They cancelled all games through December 14 including the All-Star weekend in Columbus Ohio.

            So far the lockout has resulted in 422 games cancelled from October 11-December 14 which amounts to 34.3% of the NHL regular season. There has been no resolution to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). In attempt to hurry and come to an agreement, Federal Mediators are going to join in on the negotiations. These people have experience in dealing with situations like the lockout as they helped in the NBA and NFL lockouts.

            This lockout has caused frustration throughout the U.S. A Chicago Blackhawks fan tweeted this tweet on Friday:

            “@DaveBolland can I get a RT (retweet) for wanting Bettman dead?”

            The Chicago forward responded by retweeting it which stirred up the hockey world. This isn’t the first time Bolland has spoken his mind about people in NHL as he called the Sedin twins “the sisters”. The following Sunday after he retweeted, Bolland apologized saying he was “regretfully sorry”. Bolland is not the only one with strong feelings against Gary Bettman and Bill Daly. Detroit Redwing defensive player Ian White called Bettman an “idiot”. “They’re both cancers” Florida forward Kris Versteeg commented about Bettman and Daly.

            Montreal Canadian’s forward Brandon Prust tweeted “Bettman’s autobiography is in stores now. It’s titled “How I Destroyed a Sport and a Nation”

            It’s safe to say that not very many people are fans of the Commissioner.


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Sakura Project touches Obama staff, students

Written by Alleah Rose, The Eagle Staff Writer

The Sakura is the Japanese word for ‘cherry blossom’. The Japanese believe they represent development, blossoming, and falling apart into your own destiny. The seventh annual Sakura Project took place Saturday, November 10, 12 in North Park. Obama Academy student Zachary Harrison says “Tons of trees were planted. It was fun and the parked looked beautiful!” He explained how they planted 7 Sakura trees and 20 native trees. The goal is to plant 250 Sakura trees.

The Sakura Project first began May 2007. It was first funded by charities and later became a non-profit organization in 2009. 130 people showed up from all around Pittsburgh to help plant and nurture these trees. Ms. Rushlander a current member says that she is trying to spread the word to get people more informed on how they can get involved in the Sakura Project.


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Free the Children is a worthy cause

Written by Victoria Volpe, The Eagle Staff Writer

            Craig Kielburger was just 12 years of age in 1995 when he, and 11 of his friends created Free the Children. The idea of making the organization came after Kielburger heard a story about a boy named Iqbal, who was born in South Asia and sold into slavery when he was four. In his short life, he had spent six years chained to a carpet-weaving loom. His life was cut short when he died at age 12 while protesting. He got the world’s attention by speaking out for children’s rights. Kielburger wanted to follow in his footsteps and carry on Iqbal’s dream.

“Free the children from poverty. Free the children from exploitation. Free the children from the notion that they are powerless to affect change.” These are the goals and dreams of the Free the Children organization. They educate, engage, and empower the children all over the world.

At the same time they build schools, to give the children an education and libraries filled with books. They give the schools furniture and supplies; provide clean water sources, and sanitation facilities. They give single mothers resources to generate an income, and increase their savings, so they can start their own businesses. Today there are over 1.7 million youth volunteers involved in over 45 countries worldwide.


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Obama Academy salutes record number of students taking IB Diploma and Certificate tests

Written by Lynnieze Walker, The Eagle Staff Writer

The registration is complete, the names are in, the seats are set, and it’s time to celebrate! Celebrate what, you ask? Well, the number of students who are have chosen to take tests for the IB Diploma or Certificate, that is.

This year had such a great turnout that we just had to sit down with Mr. Ehman to get his view on things. We asked him why we [as a school] take this test so seriously. He went on to explain how it “is the highest level of high school” and that “it will be interesting to see where we stack up against the world.” Naturally, because there’s always more to Mr. Ehman, we had to ask at least one more question. How did he feel about the huge turnout of testers this year? Of course he, like any other person would have said, that “It’s amazing how they [the numbers] have grown over the years, and it will be even more amazing to see the benefit that the students will this eventually gain from this experience.” As this year goes further and further along, you learn many things that will better you in the long run. So, why not take a test that can help you truly reach that goal of yours down the road. Just wait and keep an eye out because next year could be your testing year.


The International Baccalaureate Candidates

Of 2013


  • Scott Moore – Diploma
  • Renee Eddy Harvey - Diploma
  • Taylor Dawkins - Diploma
  • Shelby Campbell - Diploma
  • Max Okabayashi - Diploma
  • Mosqon Anderson - Diploma
  • Micah Byrum - Diploma
  • Sam Lapp - Diploma
  • Demetri Lardas - Diploma
  • Anthony Tolliver - Diploma
  • Annie Widom - Diploma
  • Anna Vitti - Diploma
  • Chelsey Sirmons - Diploma
  • Jonah Raether - Diploma
  • Caley Donovan - Diploma
  • Sharin Berman - Diploma
  • Fletcher Jones - Diploma
  • Shae Wofford - Diploma
  • Erik Rauterkus - Diploma
  • Daniel Golstein - Diploma
  • Daniel  Denliinger - Diploma
  • Danielle Pelietiere - Diploma
  • Rina Matsuda – Certificates HL History, HL Mathematics
  • Hannah Green – Certificates HL Film, HL English, HL History
  • Karlissa Council – Certificate HL Visual Arts
  • Maeve Hendricks – Certificates HL English, HL Spanish, HL Film
  • Wendy Levenson – Certificates HL English, HL Visual Arts, SL Mathematics
  • Ben Junker – Certificates HL English, HL History, HL Psychology, HL Mathematics
  • Sakae Nakahara – Certificates HL Physics, HL Mathematics
  • Luke Miller – Certificates HL English, HL Film
  • Matt Lampl – Certificate HL Film
  • Aliyah Weathers – Certificates HL English, HL History
  • Maya McCray – Certificates HL Visual Arts, HL History
  • Rondell Harris – Certificates HL English, HL History, HL Film
  • Dynae Shaw – Certificates HL English, HL Visual Arts, HL German
  • Daniel Wimer – Certificates HL English, HL Film
  • Ash Lanith – Anticipated Diploma Mathematics SL
  • Ben Freidman – Anticipated Diploma Mathematics SL


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Mayor Tom Murphy: “Don’t Better Yourself In Politics… Better The World.”

Written by Robert Pell, The Eagle Senior Writer

All it takes is a simple whim. A whim or an idea that people thought of constantly but one person decides to take action and make a change; it is those who take action that are prepared to understand what the people want and implement it into actual change. These can be regular people like you or me honestly just trying to help their community, and you can see same people representing their people and working on a larger scale. Tom Murphy was of the latter, he was a man who led our city for 12 years and made necessary choices for this city to survive.

Before Tom was mayor he was nothing but an average citizen. He worked at the Pittsburgh built business of Alcoa in the research department. He was involved in his community, and very interested into making a difference in the Northside community. The Northside was riddled with shootings and “traphouses”, this was an unsafe place and Tom wanted to make a difference. So he sent a letter to his local state legislator, explaining the situation and asking for help in cleaning up the neighborhood. The legislator refused, which in my opinion almost goes against his civic duty. Tom must have felt the same way because after this incident he decided that during the next election he would run against him for his spot in the state house.

Running in this election would spark the beginning of Tom’s political career. He already had his platform laid out he of course would be fighting for the betterment of our communities. So, the question was then how would he let the people know he was on their side. He set out with a hard work ethic a friendly smiley and some trying ears to every single house in the district’s house and asked what they felt their community needed to change. The district he was running to represent covered the Northside and Lawrenceville; so you have to imagine how many times a day this man knocked on someone’s door. It was because of this predominant effort that Tom won the election and found himself in Harrisburg for 14 years.

Tom had helped his communities better themselves but knew he could do more for his city of Pittsburgh. So, he decided he would try and run for mayor. Well that didn’t work out so well, he lost and went back to legislation until 4 years later he ran again. He took to the same routine as before, visiting houses but this time it was more than two neighborhoods. Over the course of the election he visited 50,000 houses it took him 6 months every day to complete that task. He explained to everyone how he had a desire to work with people and to change the community and they agreed. He also explained some fundamentals about politics I would say the key note would be, “Don’t better yourself in politics better the world.” Another note is that if you want to properly run for something than you need money to do so. People finance these elections so that they can influence the government and people finance these elections so that they can honestly improve the government, Tom was only looking for the latter. Tom would become the mayor of Pittsburgh in 1994 and hold the position until 2006.

Pittsburgh had what politicians refer to as a “strong mayor” this meant that the mayor was a public persona and the chief admin officer. When Tom was mayor he immediately noticed how people had no appreciation for city tasks. He explained to us how that when he was mayor Pittsburgh was failing like Detroit; from 1970-1990 500,000 people left Pittsburgh. There was no opportunity, it was the most disgusting environment in the country, and was the second oldest city in the country (speaking of course in terms of the age of the citizens in the city). Pittsburgh had trouble and Tom had the answers. The tax structure at the time was set so that 2/3 of the taxes came out of property tax for those living in the city. This was killing the city because 320,000 lived in the city but during the day 750,000 come to work. 2/3 of the people working in Pittsburgh didn’t live here which meant they were tax exempt just like 40% of the land in Pittsburgh is tax exempt. So, Tom had to change the tax structure to save Pittsburgh he threatened to bankrupt the city so that those in the state legislature would help. This ended up working and the new tax structure was set into play.

Because of the leadership from Tom Murphy we have grown from the rut we use to find ourselves in. Our city was once the most disgusting but now year after year is regarded as the most livable. We have grown for the better and it was all because we were under the dictation of Tom Murphy who used politics not to better himself but to better the lives of everyone in our city.


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C.H.A.N.G.E.S. club an opportunity to see a different academic picture

Written by Kyra Woodworth, The Eagle Senior Writer

Last week, 20 or more students from North Hills High School came to visit our school. If you were wondering why we had 20 students from the suburbs at our school, then I’m here to answer your question. They are a part of the C.H.A.N.G.E.S Club at North Hills High School. And if you didn’t know, we too, at Obama, have a C.H.A.N.G.E.S Club.

The C.H.A.N.G.E.S Club is for students in grades 9-12. This program attempts to bring students from diverse backgrounds together, by engaging them in different service projects.  C.H.A.N.G.E.S helps students “develop self-awareness, collaboration, time management skills, and leadership skills.”  This club is sponsored by the YMCA and other organizations in Pittsburgh.

The C.H.A.N.G.E.S Club meets every other Tuesday during our Club One QRT period. It was originally a part of the Key Club, run by Mrs. Wilson. However, it was soon changed to the C.H.A.N.G.E.S Club, led by Mr. Demmler.

Obama will partner with two other schools, North Hills and U-Prep, and over the year the students will participate in three different activities together. First, they will do Service Learning Projects, where the students will partner with non-profit agencies throughout Pittsburgh. This will give the students an opportunity to learn more about the non-profit organizations in their communities. Second, the students will participate in Workshops and Forums housed on Pitt’s campus. This is where students will participate in discussions lead by YMCA College Positive Volunteers. Last, students will participate in School Exchanges, the first of which has already taken place at Obama. This will allow students to experience the different atmospheres at each other’s schools.

The C.H.A.N.G.E.S. Club is a great way to meet different students from different schools, serve our community, and it looks great on college applications. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, you should see Mr. Demmler.


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USO’s state playoff run ends, 41-14

USO loses to Selinsgrove

Video Credit: Courtesy of WNEP 16 TV

USO's state playoff run ends, 41-14

Photo Credit: Arthur King


Sometimes the wheels fall off, big time.

The red-hot USO football team couldn’t stay out of its own way Saturday, as it lost to Selinsgrove 41-14 at Altoona. Quarterback Akil Young of U-Prep had been red hot coming into the game, but threw 7 interceptions in the loss.

Selinsgrove’s power ground game took it to USO time and time again, something that was not lost upon Coach Berry, who said,”Their strength was our weakness. We were more of a finesse team this year.” In all, the Seals’ running attack accounted for 325 yards.

Young threw for 192 yards in the game, including a 28-yardf scoring strike to Clay Moorefield in the 4th quarter. “Akil Young has absolutely been an amazing talent for this team this year. He will be difficult to replace,” Coach Berry said. “”It’s unfortunate his career had to end on a note like this.”

USO ended the season with a record of 7-4.