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FOUR MORE YEARS!–An election wrap up

Written by Ilana Diamant, The Eagle Senior Writer

And just like that, in one short day, it’s all over.

The campaign ads, the signs everywhere, the news coverage, and the twitter trends. It’s all gone in the wake of this Tuesday night, when President Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term in office with 303 electoral votes and 50% of the popular vote. I stayed up until 3 AM to hear both Mitt Romney’s concession speech and our President’s victory speech. While I do believe Romney’s speech was gracious, I personally could not be happier that the words he was speaking were not ones of triumph.

I did my part for my country. While I cannot even cast a ballot to decide the fate of the presidency, I devoted time to canvassing and phone calls. I participated in the “Get Out the Vote” surge in campaigning the weekend prior to the election. For me, a lot was riding on the results of this election. Will I be able to afford health care after college? Will an aging conservative man have the right to tell me what I can do with my body? Will my favorite comedy shows have enough joke material when this is all over?  All of these were running through my head while every news channel meticulously analyzed every number and opinion.

I do not like being written off as an uneducated teenager, ignorant of the issues teenager. I do my research, I know my facts. I love to argue. Obama’s reelection proved me right in at least 10 arguments, so I thank the Obama team for coming through for that!

However, I am not the only opinionated person at this school. “Fudge yeah, motherfudgers!” Hannah Breslau says, adding, “While I’m happy about Obama’s victory, I am happier about Romney’s loss.” Mitt Romney did lose the “young voters” demographic by a large margin, so perhaps Hannah is not alone in her disdain of him.

“Well I knew Obama was gonna win but part of me knew Romney had a chance and to be honest I was scared of what would happen if he won instead of Obama,” said Malcolm Mitchell. I was also confident of an Obama victory, but in the back of my mind I always knew Romney had a chance, and I was not comfortable with that.

I also had the opportunity to question some teachers in our school on their thoughts of this election, its results, the dirtiness of the campaigns, and their hopes for Obama’s second term.

“I am elated Obama won,” says Mr. Vitti, the 11th and 12th grade ToK and History of the Americas teacher, “but I thought Romney was going to win. I did not feel Obama had the same excitement as he did in 2008.”

When asked his opinion of the campaigns, he responded “I didn’t think they were unusual. Messy campaigns are a part of history, this is not the first. The campaign ads did scare me, though.”

Mr. Ehman, IB Film teacher, disagreed. “They were very dirty. The ‘truths’ that were presented were all false.”

Both of them have hope for the next four years. “I’m excited because Obama can just be Obama now. He can really go through with his agenda,” said Mr. Vitti.

“Obama spent government money on long-term benefits,” says Mr. Ehman. “His trademark is Obamacare. Obamacare will be known as a great thing. It’s not going to be repealed now.”

I concluded the interviews with a question that came with an obvious answer. “Are you satisfied?”

“Yes. This election is more important than the one in 2008,” said Mr. Vitti.

“The first time around, Obama could’ve been kind of a novelty,” added Mr. Ehman. “I think this election might turn thirty years of conservative ideology on its head.”

These past few weeks have been a stressful time for anyone who is like me and follows politics and actually cares about the direction our country goes. Election night was not only a victory for Obama, but the first Asian, lesbian, and disabled women were elected to Congress. Gay marriage was approved in several states, as was the legalization of marijuana. Obama’s slogan ‘Forward’ might actually be a real thing, and 50% of this country needs to open their eyes and see that the world is moving on from the ideals and traditions of the past few centuries. I am excited to see what we will accomplish in four years and I am glad I supported our President the whole way through.


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Bronies and Pegasisters and Ponies, Oh My!

Written by Sophia Kachur, Obama Eagle Staff Reporter

Ahh, My Little Pony, we all remember it. The atrocious looking ponies, with the cheesy story lines, but now, all that has changed! The animation is new and improved, the characters have been altered, and the story lines are much better! Now we have a whole fan base, aged from the tiniest tot, to the youthful teen boy. Did I just say teenage boy ? Yes I did! The surprising new twist on My Little Pony has caught the attention of a new audience. The series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, has caught the eyes of numerous TV watchers. These viewers have dubbed themselves bronies and pegasisters. Bronies are “bros who like My little Pony” (guys who like to watch MLP) and most girls like to adopt this name too. For those girls who don’t take to the label of brony, there is also pegasister or the newly fashioned hoofsister.

The developer of this TV show, Lauren Faust, has worked on other major cartoons such as The Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and Codename:Kids Next Door. She has been a major help in encouraging the growth of the fandom, and although she has stepped down from her position as executive producer, is still majorly involved in the fan base. Faust is considered a mother figure of the bronies. She definitely encourages us to be our pony loving selves, even if we march around singing the Cutie mark Crusader’s theme song!

Some may say we’re crazy or weird for liking “a little girl” show, but I wouldn’t agree. Everyone’s a little crazy in their own way, and if you’d like to say that our love of the good natured, heartfelt, and even funny show is weird, well, to each his own. But before you start to judge, you should seriously watch the show! You may not like it, but you also may come to love it and have a passion for it as much as the rest of us. Anyway, you don’t want to miss out on all the fun we’ll be having at Pinkie Pie’s party, inviting all of Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack will be sure to make an appearance.


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What has happened to Christmas?

Written by Alleah Rose, The Eagle Staff Writer

What was once a celebration of family and religion has turned into a materialistic excuse to spend thousands of dollars. Once a year, people worldwide fill stress and malls in search of the best deals and the perfect gifts. Prices such as those on Black Friday are almost calling for destruction. No longer do people shop to get something nice for their families. They shop to find the greatest prices and the newest gadgets for themselves.

November 2008, a Wal-Mart worker was trampled to death by Black Friday shoppers. You’d think it was impossible that religious Christmas shoppers couldn’t see the insanity in trampling someone over for a cheap television. “Maybe it’s time for people to start getting some perspective on ‘holiday bargains’. Because this is just sick!” says Suzie-Q from




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Senior Profile: Deja Hopkins

Written by Dynae Shaw, The Eagle Senior Writer

Deja Hopkins has been a star Obama student since she came here in 9th grade. She has not only managed to be a high honor roll student throughout her academic career here but, she has also earned straight A’s (4.9 GPA) throughout her senior year thus far. I had the honor to sit down with Ms. Hopkins and talk to her to see what her life is like.

I asked her what she thought about Obama Academy.

She says that Obama is definitely an academically driven school however it is not as challenging as she came from a really good catholic school, Sacred Heart. She explained the difference in teaching styles as they relate to the level of difficulty to survive at that school. She complemented her middle school for preparing her to be such a successful high school student.

Then I asked her what a typical day was like for her.

She wakes up and gets ready for school. Then comes to school and puts her best foot forward. She does a lot of her homework throughout the day, and makes sure that she gets all of her homework done and turned in on time. She is such a star student.

Her favorite class is IB Math because “she likes dealing with numbers.” Another fun fact about Ms. Hopkins is that her favorite things to do include spending time with her family, going to the movies, and cooking.

Deja Hopkins will definitely be the successful financial advisor that she wants to be. She has already been accepted into Robert Morris University and will come out of there prepared for her field. She is a dedicated and motivated student that will definitely go far.


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Senior Profile: Sadik Roberts

Written by Kendra Davis, The Eagle Staff Writer

“It is a prestigious position to hold but is also very disappointing at times.” Senior class President Sadik Roberts describes what his job as president is like. “You go through and around a lot of ideas that get re-directed, or do not get support,” said Sadik when asked how the role of president could be disappointing. Sadik said one of his happiest memories at Obama had to be when he successfully through the first Obama party at the school. The saddest of course being when our dear SA past away.

Throughout the years Sadik says he has grown to be a more confident person. Sadik is one who you see dress up most of the time, he says, “It’s better to dress for the job you want, not the one you have.’’

In five years Sadik sees himself in college graduating then entering a doctorate program. In college he is thinking about majoring in business and minoring in liberal arts. At home Sadik makes beats and writes music. He writes about his girlfriend and things that happen in life. He started singing to keep up with his older brother who used to sing around the house. Although he doesn’t remember how old he was when he first started. We all wonder what Black Rebel is and according to our president it is a “conscious movement praising individuality, good music, and creative expression.” Sadik’s advice to future singers is “It’s not enough to write popular music, if you speak from experience it will always be relatable.”