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MS Swim teams move past Greenfield, Arsenal and U-Prep

Written by Nadia Mercado, The Eagle Staff Reporter

It was a long evening of swimming between Greenfield, U-Prep/Sci-Tech, Arsenal and Obama, and to be sure, our Eagles weren’t great in every event, but the teams pulled through for victories on Wednesday.In particular, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle events saw the Eagles boys and girls pulling 2nd and 3rd place finishes but in the end, the girls pulled out big victories led by Zoe Moran’s sparkling 1st place finish in the 50-meter backstroke.

“I was really excited because the win helped my team,” Zoe said, “and a team works together.”

The season is off to another good start for the Eagles boys and girls, and each swimmer is working hard to improve their times. “I worked on my breathing a lot!” Zoe exclaimed.

Over on the boys side, things went a bit more smoothly and with a bit more “breathing room.” The Eagles took first place finishes in both runs of the 50 meter backstroke and 200 meter freestyle, among others.

Coach was very proud of the effort, saying, “I felt very good about my stronger swimmers winning so many of their first meets.”

No doubt, there will be many more wins to come this year.


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Dr. Miles-Brown : More than just your average VP

“I love scrapbooking and saving memories,” says Dr.Miles-Brown, Obama’s new vice principal. When she isn’t counseling kids and organizing the school, she is unwinding with pages of pictures of her family that she then arranges into a scrapbook. Though her time limits the amount of time that she can spend with her family, she uses any time that she has to spend valuable time to travel with them. She especially enjoys going to “warm places” with them and will be going to the Dominican Republic for fun in the sun during Christmas break. “We are going to celebrate my mother’s birthday there,” she said.

Her desire for warm weather might have started with her experiences in Atlanta, Georgia, where she went to Spelman College. A New Jersey native, Dr.Miles-Brown loved her time there and after completing her work for a degree in Psychology at Spelman realized that with only limited job possibilities, a career in education would be a much better alternative. She matriculated to nearby Mercer College and received her degree. The rest is history. After teaching in Atlanta, she came to Pittsburgh and has come to love the city, if not the cold weather.

Dr.Miles-Brown stresses that students “give nothing but their best” and says that “every year counts.”

While she recognizes the difficulty associated with IB classes, she also sees that our school’s array of classes “put you at a better point when you are in 12th grade.”

You can find Dr.Miles-Brown in her office on the second floor. She’s very proactive with students, so don’t be surprised if she has a crowd around her


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So you want to be a director? Six seniors to direct One Acts

Written by Johanna Vallejo and Victoria Volpe, The Eagle Staff Reporters

You know high schoolers. They’re headstrong, loud-mouthed, and full of themselves. So imagine setting up a show with them. Ms. McKrell has to deal with them and that makes her tear her hair out, so think about how it is if you are trying to control these students.

Gabby Davis Jones and Tajaya Thompson are two of the six senior students acting as directors for One Acts, which will open Friday night in the auditorium. They know the triumphs and difficulties of directing their classmates all too well. “You have to put your foot down and sit them straight,”Tajaya said in response to a question about actors attitudes.

Both Taijaya and Gabby agree that directing the louder, more opinionated actors wasn’t the hardest part of directing. Writing alone was their hardest aspect. Gabby said that it took her about two months to get her idea out aside from the prepping work beforehand. Tajaya agreed, adding, “You need to have a vision before you start, because without a vision there’s nowhere to go.”

Four other seniors also have to share the pain: Fletcher Jones, Shae Wofford, Caley Donovan, and Scott Moore are all student directors who get a taste of what directors have to do.

Tajaya acknowledges that she needs more experience but she has to recover from One Acts first.

Her play is called “Imperfect Proposal,” a story of a couple that spends the day in the park together when Ben (Kate’s boyfriend) plans to propose. He tries but is constantly interrupted and in the end they figure out they don’t truly love each other.

Gabbi wrote and is directing “Excuse the Interruption,”  about a teacher who is right out of college and is super excited. She is starting her new job, but when she meets her students, they drive her crazy. She said it took about two months for it to be complete, start to finish. The hardest part was writing the play and appealing to everyone, the kids and adults.

Tajaya will be heading to Columbia University in Chicago next year, where she plans to pursue dance and acting. Gabbi will head to Point Park, where she will be involved in Broadcast Journalism.

Catch One Acts this Friday night at 7:00 and Saturday at 2:00 in the auditorium. Tickets are available at the door.


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Eagles Hoopers Looking Forward to Big Year

Written by Maureik Vickers, The Eagle Staff Reporter

Pittsburgh Obama’s high school boys’ basketball team has a lot of potential this year as they go into City League play. With new players and a new coaching staff, the team does have some obstacles to face concerning their teamwork. Together, the coaches will be assisting players in every possible way; that includes the practices, games, and the defensive plays.

But Head Coach Lofton says the team has shown a lot of promise so far. “The players practice hard and are determined to have a successful season. Offensively we have made it difficult for opponents to score the basket and I look for that to continue.”  Lofton did mention some areas that need to improve during the season. Paying attention to detail is something that the coaches are addressing, along with the players frequent loss of focus, which results in the teammates playing ground basketball. “An effort to pay attention to detail is lacking.”

However, “Each player will be just as important as the next in every game.” says Coach Reid, an assistant this year. His biggest concern is for every player is to accept their roles, play together, and be vigilant. Not only will they build a team but Reid says “We will shape these young men into responsible adults.”

I asked: What has been the most challenging part of coaching so far?

Lofton: Our team suffers from a lack of size. We have only one tall players and he’s short in ‘Basketball World’. Therefore, we must come up with strategies to compensate for lack of size.

Which schools look to be your biggest competition?

Lofton: Perry and Allderdice are schools that we look forward to playing. Though both schools have adequate basketball players, they are rivals. This rivalry adds another element to the contest.

Do you have a coaching philosophy? And do you enjoy making it extremely hard for the opponent?

Lofton: My philosophy is we start with defense and we end with defense. That developed from, me being a defense player and enjoying making it extremely hard for my opponent. Our three defense goals are: One, to hold our opponent to a field goal shooting percentage below 40; Two, to allow our opponents only one shot attempt; and three, to box and secure the ball.

As the season starts to get intense, Lofton is impressed with several players, who have shown flashes of brilliance, such as Deondre Byrd. “Byrd has shown that he can score the basketball with the best of his peers.” The coaches are “Excited to watch how they lead each other to victory and happy to see a strong team coming back.”

The team is 2-1 in exhibition play so far.


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Roa hopes wrestlers can aspire to greatness this season

Written by Rosa Vitti and Hannah Williams, The Eagle Staff Writers

This year’s wrestling season has had a promising beginning!  Coach Roa has been coaching for six years with this being his second year at Obama. He was very excited about his young team. He said the turnout was better than expected.

The 17  wrestlers are  led by captain, D’andre Caveniss. Although the team consists of many great wrestlers  Mr. Roa fears, “We might struggle as a team because we can’t fill out all of the weight classes, but individually I think we could have a couple of city champions.” One of those people who  you should look out for this season are their beloved captain who is a senior, as well as Malik Green in the eleventh grade and Tywan Scott, who is also a senior. Both of these wrestlers attend Pittsburgh Science and Technological Institute.

Of course, these wrestlers have tough shoes to fill. Last year’s team was led by Mike Adams and Nehemiah Hobdy who have both graduated and are no longer here. Another devastating loss was Neondre Harbour, a fantastic wrestler and a very important of the team!  Coach Roa and his team will be looking to draw inspiration from the contributions of those young men and the belief that this can be an unforgettable season.

Last year’s team finished second next to Allderdice and had a few medalists. This year the team is off to a speedy start and had their first match Wednesday.


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Black Rebel Struggles for Fame, Fortune, Acceptance

Written by Martinea Goss, The Eagle Staff Reporter



Music has drastically evolved over the years. Black Rebel, a unique up and coming musical group is on the verge of revolutionizing hip-hop. This group includes several young artists, including Curtis Pope, Sadik Roberts, Imani Chisom, Brandon McClung, Arthur King, and several other members. When you say or hear the name “Black Rebel”, many thoughts may come to mind. Well, the name Black Rebel has a positive, yet scientific connotation to it.

“Black” has a deep meaning to it–,beyond just– the color black itself but what you get from the color black. When a light is shone upon the color black, all colors are able to be seen. So, it is basically representing an open unity. The group has no intentions of conforming, which leads to their meaning of “Rebel”. They want to allow society to be socially aware.

Black Rebel is pretty much made up of unique individuals. Each member brings something new to the table and contributes many different things. “We just want to continue being a cornerstone for good music,” Sadik Roberts, one of the artist in Black Rebel, stated. Curtis Pope is one of the rappers in the group. His main inspirations include Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Bob Marley, and John Lennon. He likes to listen to a little bit of everything.

I asked them, “How would you describe Black Rebel? Brandon McClung said, “Black Rebel is a family!” One thing the entire group could agree on is the idea that they want to be legendary. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that they will be.