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Denlinger recognized by Mayor Ravenstahl

We are very pleased to note that Daniel Denlinger, a senior at Obama, was recognized for his recent work in making a green area out of a vacant lot in the Homewood section of town. The Mayor’s press release stated: “Daniel Denlinger is very active in his church, school and community.  He completed this summer’s Youth Civic Leadership Academy and continues to work on community clean-up projects as well as activities at his church. Daniel was the facilitator of the Homewood Love Your Block project in 2012 and is an excellent role model for all of Pittsburgh’s young residents.”

You can check out the original article about the project here:


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Obama’s new Key Club dedicated to giving back

Written by Olivia Perfetti, The Eagle Staff Reporter


Sometimes it can be hard to find ways to give back to your community.  Maybe it’s hard to find transportation, or you just don’t know where to look! Well, your problem can be solved with Key Club. Key Club is a service-oriented organization affiliated with the Kiwanis Club of America, which has members in eighty countries and aims to help children in need by organizing volunteers to help children and communities in need. The Key Club here at Obama works with the local Pittsburgh community, and has regular meetings every other Tuesday (during club two).

The club’s sponsor is Mrs. Wilson, but leaders of the local Key Club keep in contact with the club as well and help organize the service activities. So far, the club has  cooked and served breakfast at the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter, and is planning to revitalize the garden back behind our building.  When asked what the club hopes to accomplish this year, Mrs. Wilson said that she wants to give students an opportunity to give back to their local community. Also, it is part of the IB program to complete service hours, and this is a great way to do this. In addition to that, colleges look at extra-curricular activities such as community service when deciding who to accept. So when the time comes to choose another club, Key Club might be the right choice for you!