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Boys hoopers lose tough one to Colfax

Written by Brandon Hutton, The Eagle Senior Writer

Losing is hard, but losing by three points with many chances to tie is even worse. The boys’ basketball team had three different shots from behind the arc but were not able to convert them into points. The team fought hard but came up just a bit short.

The boys started off the game with some good passing but had the same problem that they had later on: they could not score off their chances. Both teams were playing good defense but Obama had the slight edge at the end of the first quarter with a score of 5-4. At the start of the second, Colfax began to go hard. They came out a lot stronger, were controlling rebounds and the ball, but were not scoring much. Obama was shut out for almost the whole entire second period until about a minute and a half left in which they scored 5 points. The score was tied at 10 at the end of the half.

The third period it became a shootout. The teams started dropping more shots than they had the rest of the game. Both teams scored back to back three’s and the score remained close the entire period. Obama started to get caught holding the ball and Colfax forced a lot of turnovers, only some of which ended being converted into points. With only a minute left in the game, Colfax was up 29-26. Obama intentionally fouled Colfax to force a foul shot, which the player on Colfax missed. This gave Obama a chance to tie it. Obama rolled the ball down the court to conserve as much time as possible and they had 45 seconds to score. Their first three was off but they got the rebound and kicked it back out for another shot. With another 20 seconds left, they took another three point shot but that was also unsuccessful! They had another offensive rebound with about five seconds left, passed it out beyond the arc for one last shot, but that also missed. The team was frustrated with their tough loss and look forward to their next game.


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Coach Dumbroski building solid hoops program

Written by Joel Macklin, The Eagle Executive Editor

Joel Macklin

-MS boy’s hoops


From the outdoor terrain to the indoor hoop courts MS Basketball Coach Mr. Dumbroski sure does get around. Mr. Dumbroski led the cross country team to several victories and is now switching over to boys basketball. The Eagles do have a good reputation and Mr. Dumbroski is confident in maintaining and expanding that legacy. To start the pre-season off right Mr. Dumbroski held after school conditioning sessions where about 50 students showed up nearly every day. The turnout was great and even greater for tryouts but at the end of the day only 15 students could be chosen. Mr. Dumbroski expanded that number to 20 so that there could be a practice team yet the amount of talent and effort displayed made the decision that much harder. To help guide his selection process the coach took into account the grade level, skill, behavior, and grade point average (GPA) which did not make his choices that much easier. Yet in the end Mr. Dumbroski said, “I had a team that only had 6 returning players.” With the new players joining the team there were so concerns about the team’s ability to learn new plays while working together. But at the end of the first game this almost newly formed team exercised so much talent that the coach is really proud. Despite all of the cuts Mr. Dumbroski still recommends that any student who is serious about basketball should tryout next year while playing it now in any way you can.

The very first game was against Westinghouse which was pretty significant considering they lost to Westinghouse last year. Overcoming all odds the young team beat Westinghouse after a mere week of training. Mr. Dumbroski is very proud of his 8th graders because they have really stepped up in leadership positions, especially the captains Trez Jones, Katem Ware, and Dana Strothers. Many of the 6th graders on the team have really showed their stuff and gained experience because a lot of the competition is from less developed teams that allow for a flexible rotation. The team’s biggest rival would be Sterrett and Mr. Dumbroski is preparing them as fast as he can. So far the team’s record is 3-1 and they have already impressed so many.