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An inside look at “friends”

Written by Annie Booth, The Eagle Staff Writer

Making friends is important, but have you ever regretted befriending someone? In the heat of the moment, you’re just focused on making them like you, right? You just wanted to make yet another friend to add to your list. Making friends may be enjoyable, but the aftermath sometimes isn’t as nice as you thought it would be. Personalities may change drastically as time goes on or as the other person meets new people. You may stay the best of friends until you die or you might become worst of enemies in 2 days. Just make sure you know the person before you really become tight friends. They may act like your friend, but then just take the secrets you tell them obliviously and spread them around. They also may just use you to get to someone else. You may just be a puppet of theirs to get into someone else’s head. All people have really good friends, while they also have terrible enemies. People remain loyal while others stray afar. All I can say is to make sure that you really, I mean really know the person before you let your hooks sink too deep and feed them your most personal information or secrets.


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Catching up with the bands…

Written by Sidony Ridge, The Eagle Senior Writer

It’s been a good year for the Obama Marching band, despite the dwindling numbers.  “The band still has the same drive and heart that it has in the past,” says music and band director, Mrs. Sharif-Lucas. In addition to the marching band, her students include those who have never played an instrument before, and the concert and string ensemble. They have been working very hard in preparation for the annual Winter Concert.

What Mrs. Sharif enjoys the most about her work is watching the students “grow over the years as good people.” Having always loved music, she is very proud to see students come far in only a few short months.

Although Obama’s Marching Band has officially ended this season the beginning, concert, and string ensembles are still going strong. Mrs. Sharif, is currently having the Winter Concert on Thursday evening at 7:00 pm. This concert includes the beginning band, concert band, and the string ensemble, along with the choral ensemble.   Hope to see you there!


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Steel bands put Obama crowds in holiday spirit

Written by Elena Matos, The Eagle Staff Reporter

The Obama Steel Drum Bands had an excellent performance Monday night with appearances from Mr. Schraderʼs middle school band, 3rd and 4th period bands and 8th period band.They performed songs such as the classic Christmas songs Jingle Bells, Carol of the Bells, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and songs from the ballet, the Nutcracker. Songs that everyone knows such as Tequila, Limbo, Akon, Under the Sea, and Brazil, which was performed twice, were also performed at that concert.

Most people thought that the concert was very good. There were only a few minor mistakes with some of the more difficult songs, but few people noticed because the harder songs were oftentimes the faster ones. The performers seemed pleased with their overall performances, and many even asked to be listed as the star. They believe it went well, as did Mr. Schrader.