Hope LeGrande

January 4

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Why can't I just be me? Instead of a lie you force feed Society? Why can't I wear out my hair? Not without stereotypes and sneaking stares? Why do I have to act a different way, And live by what you say, in order For...



December 23

Zodiac Conspiracy Theory

Louis Schoen III, Senior Editor in Chief

December 5

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Every one knows about the case of the zodiac killer that was never solved but many believed that, previous presidential Republican Candidate  Ted Cruz is to identified as this infamous killer. With his strange looks and.......that...

Freshmen Reflect on the First Marking Period

Freshmen students

December 1

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Piper Walsh Anijah Perry, Katarina Losekamp, and Daevan Mangalmurti are all from different middle schools, neighborhoods, and ethnic backgrounds. However, they all agree that in terms of high school, it’s not what they expe...

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