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IB testing looms; are you prepared?

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The date for IB Testing is getting closer and closer to us now. It’s past due time that all seniors start considering or examining how they will be approaching the exam(s), or whether they don’t want to take it at all. If any seniors do plan on it please read carefully over the information proceeding. It will be very helpful when determining how to go about and what to do concerning the IB exams. Take a look at what IBDP Coordinator Mr.Ehman had to say:

What dates will the testing take place?

Ehman: The entire month of May is when the testing will take place. Testing is the entire month because there are different tests happening each day.

How much is the testing? Is there a registration fee?

Ehman: Yes there is a registration fee. The fee is $151. Testing costs a total $775. The cost per each exam is $106.

When is the money due?

Ehman: The money should be turned in before or on November 15th.

If you miss the money deadline, can you still pay and eventually take the test?

Ehman: Yes you can still pay your money but the cost goes up considerably. The cost raises $50 for the registration fee and per test.

Do you have to test in every subject or can you choose certain ones? What are the available subjects?

Ehman: You can do either or. Although in order to get your diploma you must sit through all six of the exams, pass your TOK exam, complete your CAS hours and your Extended Essay. Every subject that you have had throughout your eleventh and twelfth grade years are available for testing. Tech and Gym/Health however, are not available.

If you do not take the test in your senior year in high school, is it possible to take it somewhere else?

Ehman: No you can only take it here at the school.

*Mr. Ehman wants all the seniors taking the IB test to know and to be aware of which test requires submittance in April. The subjects with that requirement are: Art, Film, Theatre and Music. He asks you not to forget.

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Pittsburgh Barack Obama Academy of International Studies
IB testing looms; are you prepared?