Sakura Project touches Obama staff, students

The Sakura is the Japanese word for ‘cherry blossom’. The Japanese believe they represent development, blossoming, and falling apart into your own destiny. The seventh annual Sakura Project took place Saturday, November 10, 12 in North Park. Obama Academy student Zachary Harrison says “Tons of trees were planted. It was fun and the parked looked beautiful!” He explained how they planted 7 Sakura trees and 20 native trees. The goal is to plant 250 Sakura trees.

The Sakura Project first began May 2007. It was first funded by charities and later became a non-profit organization in 2009. 130 people showed up from all around Pittsburgh to help plant and nurture these trees. Ms. Rushlander a current member says that she is trying to spread the word to get people more informed on how they can get involved in the Sakura Project.

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