Eagles beat Greenfield in “rollercoaster game”, 36-24

Brandon Hutton

The Obama Eagles basketball team hosted the Greenfield Gators in a rollercoaster game on Thursday. The Eagles ended up on top but had a tough time getting there.

                The first quarter was nearly complete domination by the Eagles as they kept putting up points on the Gators nearly invisible defense. Their defense was playing phenomenal and it appeared we were going to witness a blowout. However, the Gators started to put up a few points at a time but it still wasn’t enough. The Eagles had nearly a fifteen point lead at half.

                Whatever was said during halftime, either Obama somehow got down, or the Gators were uplifted, the game seemed like a brand new one.  The Gators came out with a stepped up defense and an actual working offense. They started scoring and went on a pretty good scoring run and the game was within a single basket by the end of the third period. The main problem was silly mistakes that the coach would yell at them for. Little turnovers that were capitalized by the Gators, mistakes on rebounds, or the inability to finish the shot were some of the problems they faced. If fourth quarter was going to be played like the fourth, all hope would’ve been lost.

 However, the Gators hopes were shot down as the Eagles stepped it back up and took back their crown. They started their shut down defense again while having a productive offense. They ended up taking a decent lead to finish the game, 36-24.

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