IBMYP Coordinator Mr.Chapman a man of many talents, interests

Rhonna Ly

While he’s not chilling with his family at the beach, Mr. Chapman leads a busy life being an I.B.M.Y.P. Coordinator. He’s constantly raising awareness about the school and stressing its importance. Event organizer does not justify the credit Mr. Chapman deserves. He does all the above and more for this school and the community by promoting education for everyone.

Mr.Chapman is open minded and endeavors to try a little bit opf everything that life has to offer.  “I really have no great plan,” Chapman explains. “I just try everything I possibly can and keep my eyes open.” He is more than qualified for his job just off of experience. When he is not being a coordinator he is also a Japanese teacher. He says that he had learned a bit of every language but apparently Japanese stuck. After 14 years of teaching Japanese he reveals that he had first gotten into Japanese when he saw a Japanese puppet show. He’s a bit embarrassed to say that for that reason he was coaxed into culture and language.

                Chapman first had dreams about paleontology and graduated at Secondary Education for Social Studies. He later discovered that he didn’t like his limitations with that type of career and decided to switch. Subsequently he became influenced by the Asian culture and got his Master’s degree in Asian studies. He then moved to Japan and taught English there. While there he met his wife. Now he spends as much time as he can with his Ms. Chapman and his loving family.

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