Dr. Miles-Brown : More than just your average VP

“I love scrapbooking and saving memories,” says Dr.Miles-Brown, Obama’s new vice principal. When she isn’t counseling kids and organizing the school, she is unwinding with pages of pictures of her family that she then arranges into a scrapbook. Though her time limits the amount of time that she can spend with her family, she uses any time that she has to spend valuable time to travel with them. She especially enjoys going to “warm places” with them and will be going to the Dominican Republic for fun in the sun during Christmas break. “We are going to celebrate my mother’s birthday there,” she said.

Her desire for warm weather might have started with her experiences in Atlanta, Georgia, where she went to Spelman College. A New Jersey native, Dr.Miles-Brown loved her time there and after completing her work for a degree in Psychology at Spelman realized that with only limited job possibilities, a career in education would be a much better alternative. She matriculated to nearby Mercer College and received her degree. The rest is history. After teaching in Atlanta, she came to Pittsburgh and has come to love the city, if not the cold weather.

Dr.Miles-Brown stresses that students “give nothing but their best” and says that “every year counts.”

While she recognizes the difficulty associated with IB classes, she also sees that our school’s array of classes “put you at a better point when you are in 12th grade.”

You can find Dr.Miles-Brown in her office on the second floor. She’s very proactive with students, so don’t be surprised if she has a crowd around her

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