Badminton championships spark excitement

One birdie, one net, one winner………BADMINTON?

 Many people do not consider badminton as a real sport, but it truly is. The recent badminton tournament for high school was wildly successful and produced a great deal of excitement.

” The secret to playing badminton is hand-eye coordination, team work is essential, and double team play comes into play,” says Mr. McDonough, who also said that he feels the tournament was well executed and almost every student participated.

McDonough also feels as though the presence of a tangible award increased the effort and intensity for each person’s participation. The overall winners for the 10th grade were Tobias Raether and Erik Rauterkus. For the 11th grade it was Joe Howell and Andre Reese

9th grade championships will be held in the next couple of weeks.

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