USO stuns Clearfield to win district; Selinsgrove next in states

Arthur King

“It felt good to prevail.”

Junior Maurre Clemm was pleased with USO’s performance on Saturday and why shouldn’t he be? After defeating previously undefeated Clearfield 36-22 Clemm and his teammates where crowned the district champions.  In many ways it has been a strange season for USO but the team is happy to play on.

Clay Moorefield scored the first touchdown with a touchdown catch, followed by Miles Catlin, who “did his thing” by scoring three touchdowns on passes from Akil Young. By all accounts, the 36-22 score was closer than it actually was.

USO will be playing Selingsgrove this upcoming weekend, something that many teammates are excited about. Once again, the team may feel a little bit of butterflies, but that’s a good thing.“I was a little nervous for the first time in years, though it was a fun game. It felt good to win even though we were the underdog…it felt good to prevail” said Clemm after playing in the game on Saturday.

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