Pittsburgh Barack Obama Academy of International Studies

Senior Profile: Deja Hopkins

Dynae Shaw, The Eagle Senior Writer

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Deja Hopkins has been a star Obama student since she came here in 9th grade. She has not only managed to be a high honor roll student throughout her academic career here but, she has also earned straight A’s (4.9 GPA) throughout her senior year thus far. I had the honor to sit down with Ms. Hopkins and talk to her to see what her life is like.

I asked her what she thought about Obama Academy.

She says that Obama is definitely an academically driven school however it is not as challenging as she came from a really good catholic school, Sacred Heart. She explained the difference in teaching styles as they relate to the level of difficulty to survive at that school. She complemented her middle school for preparing her to be such a successful high school student.

Then I asked her what a typical day was like for her.

She wakes up and gets ready for school. Then comes to school and puts her best foot forward. She does a lot of her homework throughout the day, and makes sure that she gets all of her homework done and turned in on time. She is such a star student.

Her favorite class is IB Math because “she likes dealing with numbers.” Another fun fact about Ms. Hopkins is that her favorite things to do include spending time with her family, going to the movies, and cooking.

Deja Hopkins will definitely be the successful financial advisor that she wants to be. She has already been accepted into Robert Morris University and will come out of there prepared for her field. She is a dedicated and motivated student that will definitely go far.

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Pittsburgh Barack Obama Academy of International Studies
Senior Profile: Deja Hopkins