Senior Profile: Sadik Roberts

Kendra Davis, The Eagle Staff Writer

“It is a prestigious position to hold but is also very disappointing at times.” Senior class President Sadik Roberts describes what his job as president is like. “You go through and around a lot of ideas that get re-directed, or do not get support,” said Sadik when asked how the role of president could be disappointing. Sadik said one of his happiest memories at Obama had to be when he successfully through the first Obama party at the school. The saddest of course being when our dear SA past away.

Throughout the years Sadik says he has grown to be a more confident person. Sadik is one who you see dress up most of the time, he says, “It’s better to dress for the job you want, not the one you have.’’

In five years Sadik sees himself in college graduating then entering a doctorate program. In college he is thinking about majoring in business and minoring in liberal arts. At home Sadik makes beats and writes music. He writes about his girlfriend and things that happen in life. He started singing to keep up with his older brother who used to sing around the house. Although he doesn’t remember how old he was when he first started. We all wonder what Black Rebel is and according to our president it is a “conscious movement praising individuality, good music, and creative expression.” Sadik’s advice to future singers is “It’s not enough to write popular music, if you speak from experience it will always be relatable.”

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