Obama Drama’s One Acts “interesting, professional, amazing”

courtesy of Obama Drama

The Obama Drama Department has done it again! This years’ production of One-Acts was absolutely stellar. There was an exquisite blend of comedy and tragedy with a play about teen suicide, starring Diamen Greene and Renee Eddy-Harvey highlighting the epidemic of eating disorders among teenagers, juxtaposed to a light hearted and entertaining play that takes place in a boy, Shea Wofford’s, dream as he stresses about his theatre exam.

A highlight of the show, and my personal favorite, came right at the opening and continued throughout the entire production. Jaymonn Taylor and Keyanna Taylor Thomas paraded through all of the plays, providing hilarious commentary as an elderly couple. Their adorable banter and witty commentary kept the audience, including myself, engaged and entertained through the entire show.

Overall, It was one of the Drama Departments most notable performances, and I would like give a special shout-out to the group of incredibly talented seniors who directed these plays, making each play interesting and professional.

I had an amazing time at One-Acts this year and hopefully will do so again in the years to come.

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