One Young World Reflections: The unforgettable experience of seeing President Clinton

Arthur King

At One Young World I had the great honor of listening to Bill Clinton speak during the Opening Ceremony. Instead of going the traditional route, he asked if he could answer select few prepared questions from the audience. I will never forget how when he walked on stage, the jam-packed Heinz Hall theatre shushed. You could hear the audience draw a short intake of breath in awe of former president’s presence there on stage.

He began by answering a question about the world’s greatest challenges and said, “”Well, basically, the world faces three great challenges. Maybe 300, but they all fall into three categories…and they stem from inequality, instability and the lack of sustainability.”

He provided a hopeful picture of America’s role within these challenges, saying, “”We finally have people in the United States that recognize that the growing inequality in our country is a constraint on our growth, on our access. Every country on the globe has to have a strategy to deal with it…and we need to figure out a way to turn our best intentions into change,” Mr.Clinton said.

It was amazing, and he is so full of knowledge that you could listen to him talk for hours on end and be completely enthralled by the knowledge he shares. I also loved the fact that every chance he got, he sneaked a “pro Obama” statement whenever he answered a question. He had just flown in from Ohio and went directly o the ceremony.

Mr.Clinton did have some sobering words about the Middle East however, and described how delicate the situation in places like Syria and Libya are, and whether democracy is the answer. “The accurate answer is yes and no. Anytime people can be freer to chart their own course, that’s a good thing … in the whole march of liberty, however, it’s an uneven process.”

Whatever the subject, former President Clinton provided an unforgettable evening at One Young World

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