A bit of Pigeon Art

Amber Davis, writer

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Here I have two Pigeons; one is flying, one is not. One was created in December, one was created in February.


The Pigeon, the one flying, was made with pencil and blue, gray, and black ink pen. In the background there are faint outlines of clouds, I used white gel pen for that. My original idea was to make a full sky in the background, however I had no clue of how to go about doing that. I thought rather than mess up the pigeon I would leave out the sky.


The other piece I drew in December of 2016 using only pencil (it was just a quick sketch). You will see that it is labeled “PIGEON #1”,that is because it was the first pigeon that I have made, or at least that I can remember making in a very long time.


Personally I prefer the one that depicts a pigeon in flight.


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A bit of Pigeon Art