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Pierotti’s Point..Thanks, Governor Corbett. An education down the drain

One gym, one budget, and one new school. Those are the only three things that pop into my head when I think about Obama Academy. This year has been out of control with school funding, budgets, and cuts. We as students shouldn’t have to worry about where our education is coming from. For example, we are moving to Peabody, and we may get a new gym, new sporting equipment, and new uniforms with our school colors but what about other things?  For instance, if you’re in journalism, you know that we started off this year with 26 laptops, and now, on May 24th we have just 12 left.  We are willing to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a gym but we have no supplies for school?

Another thing that irritates me is the name Tom Corbett. He has made numerous, unbelievable cuts in Pennsylvania.  It starts with K-12 education; he wants to eliminate $550 million in basic education funding. He is also asking for a one year salary freeze to all educational employees; a move that supposedly will save us up to $400 million dollars. If he cuts all of these salaries to people who provide us with an education, they will stop working as diligently. They need money for their families, and if we want to go to college we need the support to get us there. The second major cut is higher education. Corbett plans to cut $650 million in higher education costs; with funding only for state and state-related schools only.

Now for the cut that has hit and will continue to hit many people this year. These cuts have brought a plan to eliminate at least 1, 500 state jobs through a mix of lay offs and attrition. About 1,200 of these cuts will come from the Department of Public Welfare; the rest will come from educational jobs. We as a nation have had so many jobs lost and now Corbett wants to do it again with 1,500 more people. After all of the things we have been through, he wants to kill what we have been trying to build. We need to get stronger, not weaker, not wealthier, but more balanced with life in general.

These cuts are affecting all of the people involved with our education. In addition to all of this we could lack the amount of education needed. Our educational resources are lacking and our funding is falling more and more every year.

Another example of course is our lunch period.  Two years ago, every student was given $3.00 for lunch through the Pittsburgh Public Schools Program; this year we have dropped, and we receive only $1.75 per student for. You get a minimum of two packs of ketchup, and one pack of sweet and sour sauce, and if you’re lucky, you get actual food, because if you come to the lunch room late all you receive is cold, gross pizza. When we run out of food, they try to make it more fun by making the pizza into different shapes, like triangles, squares, circles, and even octagons. I remember when I first came to Obama, it was said that “…we will have international lunches and different cuisines for every student to experience.” Well, where is my international cuisine meal? Where is my international anything? All of these cuts are not allowing us to be international, and it shouldn’t have to be like this; like we are trying to survive on $1.75 and 10 laptops.

Personally I picture Corbett signing papers and turning them in without considering the impact. “Oh here is a paper I can sign to amuse my boredom.” NO! You simply can not take away a child’s education and a teacher’s job to give us OUR education. All throughout Pennsylvania we should not have to worry about anything like cuts or budgets. Sometimes we can take things the easy way or the hard way out of things. Corbett isn’t even bothering to wonder what they people think, or what he is really doing to this state.

My mom is going to become an art teacher, and she shouldn’t have to worry about losing her job before she even gets it. All of these teachers that we know, that we like, that we don’t like, and even ourselves are at risk. If you know what is right, and you know what is wrong, then you should think before you act.

For what if someone said for instance, “Mr. Kocur ,you’re fired because we can’t afford to pay you anymore,” or “Mr. Denlinger, you’re fired for no apparent reason.” How would you feel, as an adult, to find out that you are getting fired for no reason, and that you are getting fired because everyone else is? How would you feel, if you were a student, and your teacher was fired?  How would that affect us?

Our education is slowly being taken away. It is completely ridiculous and for that matter, we should not have to deal with the stress and trouble that we have today as a living society.

  1. Jeff Says:

    “How would you feel, as an adult, to find out that you are getting fired for no reason, and that you are getting fired because everyone else is?”

    Apparently you have paid little to no attention to what has been going on around you for the past three years. Millions of people HAVE lost their jobs because their companies could not afford to pay them and had to lay them off. Millions more have had to go without raises or worse have had their pay cut drastically. And it is not “for no reason” or “because everyone else is”. If the money is not there, you can’t afford these things. Where would you like the money to come from?


    Caz Reply:

    I think you fail to understand what kind of situation we’re in, Jeff. As writers for a school newspaper, we haven’t been paying attention to politics (in a majority) for the majority of our lives until this current election since most of us will be voting over the next few years. I, personally, have been focusing on politics for several years now. I understand what you are saying about how companies are being shut down and everything, and, might I add, those are very “Republican-like” statements.

    If you invest in smart things, LIKE SCHOOLS, the economy would be able to stabilize eventually. We’ve dug ourselves into a hole that it will take years-upon-years to get out of. If you invest in the students of today, you will be able to create a better tomorrow.

    Like Will said, “Public education should be embraced, not targeted.”


  2. Will Hunter Says:

    You ask some interesting questions, Jeff, and it makes me believe that you must either be a republican or someone with his head in the sand. Where do you get the money from? How about taxing the gas companies that are drilling for Marcellus Shale all over the state? How about taxing smokeless tobacco companies? How is it that these two types of enterprises have a free pass where taxes are concerned? What kind of governor would do such a thing, and then cut public school budgets?
    Public education should be embraced, and not targeted.


  3. Viv Says:

    Well said Will Hunter! Hopefully Jeff bothered to read your response.



    Thanks so much guys! THANK YOU JEFF for starting a good conversation.


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