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November HS Teacher Feature: Mrs.Roberts

Written by Lynnieze Walker, The Eagle Staff Reporter


                There are many teachers that have had an impact on students and whether or not the student believes it, it does some good in their life. Although, there are the teachers that not only make an impact on a student’s life but they make a lasting one. One person that is truly the definition of someone who makes a lasting impact is Mrs. Roberts. Mrs. Roberts, hands down, is a teacher that is well liked by everyone. Not only because she is nice but for the fact that she takes time and has patience when helping people especially her students.  So we’ve decided to sit down with her and ask her some questions to get to know Mrs. Roberts, a favorite teacher of ours, just a little bit better.

Even though everyone has asked already and we’ve already settled ourselves, what is your thought of the building?

Roberts: It feels more like a High School environment. The even better part about the move is that we finally have ownership of a building.

Do you find it challenging to balance school teaching and home things at the same time? Has it or do you think that it will get easier to balance the two?

Roberts: Well, I’ve been teaching for 18 years and because of that, I’ve had a realization that there needs to be a separation of the two. The challenge is always time management. I try to stay organized, you know, just to keep a happy medium between the both of them.

Do you love to teach? Why or Why not?

Roberts: Yes I do! I love to deposit scientific knowledge into young minds while also being apart of the success of the students. Teaching in a way is me giving back to others and helping the young people. I teach without expectations, just those for the students to have positiveness in their lives.

Why Physics and why IB?

Roberts: I again enjoy teaching the sciences. Well I chose IB for the fact that I knew that it would be challenging. Even though there are many schools in the city, this is the only one with the IB curriculum and I love it.

If teaching were not an option for you, what would you be doing instead?

Roberts: I’d probably be working in the pharmaceutical Industry because I like being in the labs. Or going the other way I might have went and achieved my PhD in science education and work at the college level.

Did you always want to be a teacher?

Roberts: No, I was actually on my way to medical school. The reason I became a science teacher is owed all to my upward bound students. I had been teaching there for a while when some of the students found out that I, a “black” chemistry teacher was in their presence. From then on I had changed my career choice. I was going to then be a Chemistry teacher.

If you could go back and redo your career choice, would you change anything? Why or Why not and how?

Roberts: Absolutely no change. I love teaching to much.

So are there any little ones running around?

Roberts: Yes there are. I have two daughters. The youngest which is lily is and five and the oldest which is rose is 8.

When they come to the middle school level or eventually the level of High School, will you ever consider sending your kids to Obama? Why or Why not?

Roberts: I definitely would consider Obama. Mainly because of the high expectations that are here.

If Obama had to unfortunately close, what school will/would you send your kids to? Why?

Roberts: A private school, no doubt. I would send them there, above any other school, to ensure that they will get the same academic rigor that Obama had.

Knowing what you know about teaching now, would you ever let your daughters become teachers? Why or Why not?

Roberts: I still believe teaching is a rewarding profession. If they wanted to become a teacher, I would support them whole heartedly.

What would be your advice to students that may or may not want to teach?

Roberts: Always reach back and help a young person. Help them to become a productive citizen in society, because the world is cruel to uneducated people.

            There you have it. One of our most influential teachers has taught us something once again. Something that we will carry with us forever and yet that has nothing to do with science. I think it’s safe to say that challenge in our academic lives and giving back to future generations is a way to make sure that we young people, as a whole, are educated together and continue to be that way, so that we truly will be able to do anything that our minds are set to.


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