Wimer: Will this lockout ever end?

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Will the Lockout ever end?

By: Michael Wimer

            Will this NHL lockout ever end? On Friday, November 23, 2012 the NHL cancelled more games. They cancelled all games through December 14 including the All-Star weekend in Columbus Ohio.

            So far the lockout has resulted in 422 games cancelled from October 11-December 14 which amounts to 34.3% of the NHL regular season. There has been no resolution to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). In attempt to hurry and come to an agreement, Federal Mediators are going to join in on the negotiations. These people have experience in dealing with situations like the lockout as they helped in the NBA and NFL lockouts.

            This lockout has caused frustration throughout the U.S. A Chicago Blackhawks fan tweeted this tweet on Friday:

            [email protected] can I get a RT (retweet) for wanting Bettman dead?”

            The Chicago forward responded by retweeting it which stirred up the hockey world. This isn’t the first time Bolland has spoken his mind about people in NHL as he called the Sedin twins “the sisters”. The following Sunday after he retweeted, Bolland apologized saying he was “regretfully sorry”. Bolland is not the only one with strong feelings against Gary Bettman and Bill Daly. Detroit Redwing defensive player Ian White called Bettman an “idiot”. “They’re both cancers” Florida forward Kris Versteeg commented about Bettman and Daly.

            Montreal Canadian’s forward Brandon Prust tweeted “Bettman’s autobiography is in stores now. It’s titled “How I Destroyed a Sport and a Nation”

            It’s safe to say that not very many people are fans of the Commissioner.

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Wimer: Will this lockout ever end?