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Cafeteria Issues

Written by Jahlia Finney, Eagle Staff Reporter

Warning to all that read: this is a rant. A rant against the cafeteria and the “food” they serve us. 


You have been warned.


Lunch can be a very frustrating time for many students. The reason why it’s so frustrating is because of the simple reason that it almost promises disappointment. We may have more choices than that infernal pizza – out of the three, you know which one I’m talking about, the one they never seem to run out of – chances are that’s the choice a good portion of us is going to end up with. Why? Because the cafeteria always, and I mean always runs out of the good stuff. French fries, curly fries, cheese sticks, round pizzas, mash potatoes, chicken, are also things that we have in our cafeteria.

Unfortunately, many of us still end up with that….triangular thing they call a pizza – and this has major consequences. One, it causes people to be rather competitive and irritable when it comes to getting in line. Students are cutting in line, moving like a wave of hungry seagulls. And also, it causes people whose table hasn’t been called yet to masquerade as people whose tables have been called, which then results in everyone being sent back to their seats.

And then when the lunch rush is through, people are glaring at their pizzas and in some cases, each other. Then people start throwing food, because if they’re not going to eat it, “Big Daddy” and all of his associates might as well be useful for something. It’s not like it’s a nonrenewable resource, because they always have more, ALWAYS.

I am not going to ask for the cafeteria to change its menu. I know that the food we eat has to live up to FDA standards. But really, this problem can be simply be fixed by making sure you have enough food in supply for each grade that eats lunch in the cafeteria.

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