Paint the Bus

Lucy Pearsall-Finch

“How would you like to help paint a bus?” Your first reaction is “seems fun!” but then you start to wonder why.

A bunch of students from Ms. Coyne and Mr. Dunabeck’s art classes were asked to assist an artist paint her bus. The grades went out in different groups, and when freshmen got out there, the bus had been spray painted yellow. We were asked to help finish some of the posters, and figure out how to write “Alliance to Reclaim our Schools PA” on the side of the bus. We did it. Gracie Smith designed the lettering, and we painted the saying on the side of the bus. It looked great. Alliance to Reclaim our Schools is an Association that works to support and improve the schools. They work to try to ensure or push to make sure schools get the funding they need, are inclusive of all students and are diverse, and improve the overall environment for students to get the education they need and deserve. This bus is going to be in a parade and the artist was looking for some help in getting it ready. The bus looks really good. The lettering is cool, fun and unique, and the posters are bold and Pittsburgh!

So although painting a bus sounds weird and unusual, it was a good experience for a good cause. The most unusual canvas- a bus- but it was definitely the most fun canvas!