Escape Room Pittsburgh

Escape Room Pittsburgh

Escape Room Pittsburgh

Written By: Maya Lapp


Sunday May 24th, I went with another junior from Obama, Becca Tsapis-Mosse, sophomore Rosa Loewenstein, and Allderdice junior Nelly Kowalewski to match our wits against Pittsburgh’s new Escape Room. Never heard of one? Let’s see…

You’re locked in a room with five other people. You have an hour to get out. GO!

Escape Room Pittsburgh currently has two different puzzles; Dr. Stein’s Laboratory and Prison Escape. (The rooms are changed every year or so.) The four of us met outside the building, ready to be arrested for some unknown crime and thrown into a jail cell. The Prison Escape room is built for up to six people, so when we entered the building, we met the two college-aged men who were going to be our inmates. As soon as we were introduced, we saw a look pass over their faces that said, “Oh great, we’re going to be stuck in a cell with four teenage girls.” Little did they know our thinking would far surpass their own.

After the rules were explained to us (basically, don’t break anything, you don’t have to in order to escape) we were ushered into the back of a room. They pushed the cell door in front of us, handcuffed us to it, and dropped the keys on the opposite side of the cell door far out of reach with a little wave of farewell, locking a second door behind them as they exited the room. Our hour had begun.

Of course, we promised not to give the details of our puzzle, so the secret won’t get out, so all I can describe is vague notions. Locked doors, hidden compartments, mysterious messages… for mathematical and logical minds, it was paradise. When one of us was stumped, another would jump in, re-stimulating the brainwaves. Problems fell before our fingers….

Until they didn’t, anymore. For almost ten minutes straight we got nowhere. We kept fumbling around with the same magazines and boxes and photos, coming up with nothing. We glanced over at the iPod, where our time was running down, and where we could go for a clue, if we needed it. Shaking our heads in determination, we forged on. Then a knock comes at the door, and a clue slips underneath it. With a mixture of disappointment at our failure to move forward, and excitement at the prospect of a clue for what to do next, we all dash for the clue.

A minute later, our minds are running fast, again, and less than five after that, one of the men are punching a code into the doorknob- the final layer to our freedom. Becca and I look at each other doubtfully, sure that we can’t already have the final code, that it must take longer, but the door swings open, and we’re free! We’re a part of only 30% who escape! We’ve made it, with almost ten minutes to spare!!!