A review of Jordan Klepper’s “The Opposition”


“China isn’t real,” says an energetic Jordan Klepper as he starts preparing for his first episode of his new TV show. Jordan Klepper, a former Daily Show correspondent, is now hosting his own show called The Opposition, a replacement not just for the slot left vacated when Larry Wilmore left Comedy Central but also to fill the void left by Stephen Colbert nearly 3 years ago. Jordan is hoping to capture an audience similar to that of Stephen Colbert with his new show. But is it any good?

His new show is truly hilarious. He does well blending his own style of comedy with the ridiculousness of the stories he covers. Generally, his show is a parody of shows similar to Alex Jones’s InfoWars talk show.  Jordan Klepper does well at saying questionable things and then subtly undermining them afterwards. This is similar to what Steven Colbert did years ago on his show, when he spoofed the Bill O’Reilly talk show. Another thing done well in the show is his leaning into conspiracy theories and absorbing the persona of a madman, especially with the corkboard shown at the beginning of each episode.

The Opposition: A Closer Look at Jordan Klepper’s “Murder Board”

That doesn’t mean it is not without its growing pains. Jordan Klepper along with his team of quirky “citizen journalists” still have to fully flesh out their characters, but I am sure that will come soon enough. Finally, one more highlight of the show is the interviews from authors, lawyers,and people who are generally respected in their field of study. This aspect helps to balance out the crazy. These interviews compared to the rest of the episode are generally done in a more conversational way and are less of an all out conspiracy theory fest. The Opposition is undoubtedly a funny show, and while it still needs a some time to find its niche, it is still a good way to laugh at people who say terrible things.