How to Get Away with: Robbing a Bank Part 1.

How to Get Away with: Robbing a Bank Part 1.

Ever had the urge to do something dangerous and illegal? Something incredibly stupid but would pump you full of so much adrenaline you wouldn’t be able to help doing it again? If you agree with the previous statements before, there is a very specific job you can do to fulfill all your crazy and adrenaline junky whims, while making good money: robbery.

We know, it sounds crazy. Robbery? It’s probably never a career choice you decided for yourself. But think about it, what faster way is there to get a ton of money while getting the spike of energy you crave? There isn’t! The question you have yourself now is, “how do I do it? How do I rob a bank?” We’re here to tell you everything you need to know, down to the nitty gritty details of the process of robbing a bank.

The first step is finding a small, quiet, but rich town to rob from. A place that’s inconspicuous enough to not garner national attention, but wealthy enough that you will be able to get a large enough amount of cash to utilize. The larger the city, the more likely police will be on call, and the more likely you are to get caught. Vineyard Haven, MA, is a great example. Small, largely unknown, but a town loaded with money.

The second step is finding a team. Acquiring a proper crew is one of the most crucial parts of this operation. You want someone clever enough to help you devise a getaway plan that won’t get you caught and hauled off to jail by the police. You will need a driver, two associates (gunmen), and of course, yourself. You must have some trust in your crew. If you do not, you have to at least be able to trust that they will want their fair cut of the money taken. The cash split must be pre-arranged as to not stir any unnecessary drama during the robbery. After the robbery is over, you must never speak again. Lingering connections are dangerous and can lead to you being found out.

The third step is scouting out the area. Try and find a large, but local bank to rob from. The farther away from the police station and closer to the highway, the better. You must locate the bank and scope it out. When we say scope it out, we mean scope it out. Take note of everything, the security cameras, guard number, teller count, and the number of entrances and exits. Even the smallest thing could end up being important. You also want to go to the nearest police station and check it out. Find out the officer number, how extensive their squad is, and any other information that is pertinent.

That’s it for part one of our two part series into how to get away with robberies. Stay tuned for the second part of our robbery saga!