How to Get Away with: Robbing a Bank Part 2

How to Get Away with: Robbing a Bank Part 2

Welcome back soon to be bank robbers! Here are your final 3 steps to successfully robbing a bank.

The fourth step is gathering your supplies. You will need at least two getaway cars to be safe. One for the bank robbery, and another parked in a garage that is easily accessible. You want a modest, indistinguishable cars as your get away vehicles. The best cars for this job are sleeper cars, fast, generally unassuming, and owned by a large amount of citizens so it is in a sense camouflaged. You want a mask to cover your face so you are not discovered. You and your crew should buy said masks from different stores at different times,  so the purchases can not be traced back to a specific location. Weapons are a necessary add on to your collection of supplies. They are a safety precaution and a good scare tactic if needed. Smaller arms are ideal because they are easily disposable. If guns are bought through proper government channels, do not fire them. They have a tracker in the bullets and will alert the seller where you shot the gun at. You can eventually dispose of the guns when the weapons are no longer traceable. Black athletic wear should be worn during the process of the robbery, and switched out of when you are in your second vehicle. Gloves should be worn during the robbery, and during the getaway. They should only been removed when it is certain you are in the clear. Find not in use license plates to put on your cars. Landfills are a good place to look for old license plates that are currently unused.

The fifth step is making the plan for the robbery. This is the most important part of this plan, one missed or incorrect instruction could ruin the robbery. The first thing you need to do is plan out your times. You and your team need to come together and find out what exact time of the day you want the robbery to go down. Mid-afternoon times are generally the best times because citizens will be busy, so very few people will be there. You next, need to find somewhere to park your getaway vehicles. You need to make an entrance strategy. Find out who talks to which teller and how the money will be bagged. Simplicity is key. Exit strategies also need to be figured out. Measure the time it will take you to go through the bank, collect your money, return to your car, and runaway.

The next part is optional and extremely risky, but can be beneficial in the long run. It will also appeal to any adrenaline junkies looking for further thrill during the process of robbing the bank. The idea is to go to the police department, and keep the officers captive. Hold the entire station at gunpoint, take their weapons, and lock the officers up. Destroy their radios and any forms of communication, and if you have the time, cut the electricity. If you can, avoid shooting anyone, the sound will cause attention and could lead to cause more problems for you in the long run. The process of locking up the officers could delay their response and allow you to get away safer.

Now, it’s time to rob a bank. If you do chose to go to the police station, it is important you wear a different type of mask to the bank robbery so there can be no connection made between the two incidents. Three people should enter the station with masks on, and guns out with the safety on as a precaution. Lock up the police officers are quickly as efficiently as you can, and make sure they can’t see your face while doing it. Cut the electricity, break their radios, and leave the station as soon as possible. Your driver should take you to the bank in your pre-planned position and from there the robbery will really begin. Lock any extra entrances and exits and enter the building. The first thing you should do is disable the security there, and cut the power so there are no recording cameras. Scare everyone with your gun, but do not shoot it if not absolutely necessary. Gather as much money as you can from the tellers, grabbing only 50s and 100s, because twenty dollar bills have trackers on  them. Check to see if any safety deposit boxes are open. If they are, take what you can and leave. Get in your car, drive away, and do not look back. Take off your mask when you get into your new vehicle as to not cause suspicion. When you meet at the getaway cars, give the fair cut of money to your crew members and leave as soon as possible.

So, you now know how to rob a bank. You have accurate and detailed descriptions of the things you will need, ways to get them, and large lists of things you need to avoid doing. This descriptive plan plots out every single step you will need to take to go through a successful bank robbery. The only question me is, what will you do with this information?


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Find a quiet small town I.e. a place like Vineyard Haven, MA. The larger the town the more police