Our Visit to the Andy Warhol Museum

Our Visit to the Andy Warhol Museum

Last Thursday, on April 26, 2018, Ms. Coyne’s 3rd period art class went on a field trip to the Andy Warhol Museum. Among her class were three journalism students. These students took a tour of the museum along with Warhol’s nephew, Donald, and partook in an art activity involving a screen print. During their visit, they saw some paintings that really piqued their interest. Here is what they had to say about them.

Makaila Holston Smith:

The Andy Warhol Museum had many beautiful and even a few convoluted art pieces and overall the museum was a wonder of creativity. Unfortunately not everyone would be able to enjoy the wonders of an art museum without sight. But Andy Warhol really thought outside the box when creating a art piece for the blind. As you can see it has braille-like dots mapping out faces and other details on the art piece. One of the staff even explained that they have an audio recording to help them understand where to feel. This was my favorite piece because not only is it inclusive but it also has a message behind it if you are familiar with the Chinese leader Mao Zedong.

Kayla Page:

Andy Warhol being one of my favorite artists of all time, I guess I can say I had a blast during this trip. I saw so many different, creative, and beautiful works that I just could not sit still. I can guarantee that I took photos every step I took. Just ask my class. But what really grabbed my interest was that Andy Warhol’s nephew, himself, took us on the tour and taught us about his uncle. I can definitely say that it is one thing listening about something from an expert. But it is a totally different viewpoint and experience when you hear and learn things from people who were there during said event or from a person who was close to them. The pictures above are many forms and versions of Mick Jagger that I found to be my favorite. I had a really fun time with Mr. Donald Warhol. My classmates and I would like to thank Ms. Coyne for the opportunity to have this experience.

John Wesesky:

During our visit, there were many pieces of art that really caught my attention. There were many colors, different medias, and many different subjects that were touched. However, I chose this piece as my favorite. This was mainly due to it being in the style that I think is the most “Warhol”. Whenever I think of the famed artist, I think of his many portraits of famous people with different parts of their face colored. There were many like this one, but this one was my favorite because I actually knew who it was: Mick Jagger. This was when he was very young. Other people who were painted this way were Truman Capote and Cheryl Tiegs. Although this was my favorite piece from the tour, based on an earlier visit to the museum, I prefer the exhibit where Warhol worked with the band, The Velvet Underground which had the lead singer Lou Reed.