Deliciously Cheap: The KFC Sandwich

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Deliciously Cheap: The KFC Sandwich

Isaac Degenholtz, Website Director

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I like many others went hunting at the beginning of the month for the coveted Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. The idea of crispy chicken, mayo, pickles, and a brioche bun is one of my many kryptonites. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a hold of this sandwich- although I did go to 3 different Popeyes in a single night! So when I heard of the KFC Chicken Sandwich I knew I had to get my hand on it.

After doing some research I found that Pittsburgh was one of the cities testing this new and incredible- or so I thought sandwich. So after my TOK study session, I cruised down Baum Boulevard to get a hold on the sandwich before it sold out.  Without any lines or craziness, I got my hold on what may be the future of food. 

Here are my thoughts on said sandwich:

The Bun:

For those who haven’t heard this sandwich is not made with your typical bun. No, the piece of chicken is held in between 2 glazed donuts! While I will get to my thoughts on the whole sandwich later, in terms of the bun on its own, the donuts are of higher quality than I initially expected and I quite enjoyed them- as donuts. 

The Sauce:

Yea, there is no sauce on this unless you count the sticky glaze. 


The Chicken:

Being a Popeyes guy myself, I was surprised by the quality of the chicken! It was crisp and salty. The piece was definitely not as thick as Popeyes tenders but it was good.


The Eating Experience:

I’ll admit, I eat in my car a lot. I would like to say I am pretty good at eating and driving. But I DO NOT RECOMMEND eating this sandwich while driving. Not only is it difficult to do, but the sandwich is also incredibly sticky. This will make your steering wheel gross. I would eat this sandwich near a sink (and toilet).


The Taste:

During the day today, I heard many people say “damn that sandwich looks gross” and I will have to disagree to some extent. The taste in your mouth is actually quite good. The combination of savory and salty is great. But while the sandwich does have a surprisingly good taste. I couldn’t help regret eating it. And I definitely regretted it after because that sandwich is not good for anybody’s body.


My Conclusion:

If you want to try new things- get the sandwich! If you love donuts and chicken get the sandwich! But this is not a once in a lifetime moment. The KFC sandwich is not something fantastic, it has good components, but I don’t know if I would call this a good sandwich. Is it even is a sandwich?? Furthermore, unlike Popeye’s sandwich, I doubt this will be flying off of the shelves of KFC’s across the City.  

The sandwich is $5.99 which is a dollar more than Popeye’s one but much cheaper than Bird on the Run, the king of the chicken sandwich. Overall, this sandwich earns the title of mediocre and cheap.

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