Is College Right For You?

Jaelin Opara

There is that one point after graduating high school that decides a big part of your life. Should you or should you not go to college? Some are sure they are going, some completely sure they’re not, and some are torn on whether or not they should or not. But college is a big part of life and everyone should try their hardest to get there because it can really make a difference.

I asked some people (who wanted to stay anonymous) if they were going to college. Some said yes and some said no but for each person that I asked that said yes it was a different reason WHY they were going. Some wanted to be doctors, some wanted to be lawyers, and some even wanted to be computer technicians. Others wanted to go for a college sport as their prime reason for going and hope that will get them to the spot of success that they want in life. There are many reasons for going to college and things to pursue but, for the most part, if you graduate and excel in what you want to do you will be generally successful, if not MORE successful than others who didn’t go to college. Those that said no gave generally the same reasons. It was either because they were tired of school and didn’t want more after, or they had other thing or jobs to do that did not involve college.

Although some think college isn’t right for them, I assure you it’s right for everyone. Even if you didn’t graduate high school, you should get your GED and pursue a career you’re interested in. College not only prepares you to work in a specialized field of knowledge, it also helps you communicate better both written and orally. It expands your knowledge of things and it makes you more prepared for instances in which you need a certain skill. College can also help you become friendlier with human beings. Even if you’re the shyest person on earth I am sure that during college the interaction with others will break you out of your shell. You gain more friends, more common sense, and more money at the end of it all. It prepares you for life and lays a path out for you to follow and, although it can be tough, at the end of that path is the key to your success.