Planet/Ascendant Effects (conjuncts). Uh, what does this mean, anyway?

Jahlia Finney, Obama Eagle Senior Columnist

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When a planet joins your chart it is altered in some way, shape, or form. For example, Aries rising is infamous for being competitive, impulsive, short-tempered, and prone to unfortunate disagreements with others. However, in most case if Venus is conjunct, the ascendant-diplomacy comes much easier.  Venus touching the Ascendant ‘suffers’ Aries risings by giving them more tact and diplomacy.

Jupiter or the Ascendant inclines people to be optimistic and cheerful.  People with Jupiter or the Ascendant, particularly when conjunct, also deeply crave knowledge. An issue with Jupiter conjunct to Ascendant is that they may often make promises they cannot keep.  Also, moderation in general is something they may have difficulty with.

Neptune conjunct to the Ascendant can give someone a powerfully good imagination.  It can also give someone a strong sense of empathetic sensitivity to one’s emotions.  Issues with this placement include a problem with boundaries. People with this placement may become too easily affected by other people’s problems.  There’s also an escapist trait that can be very prominent as well.