Remember Me Always–A poem by Levada Collins

Remember Me Always--A poem by Levada Collins

Levada Collins

Remember Me Always

By: Levada Collins


Remember me always

Think of the history

The highs and the lows

Think of the fights

The yes and the no’s

Think of the heartbreaks

The tears and the pain


Remember me always

And remember me forever

Remember my pros

And remember my flaws

Remember to stay strong

And remember to stand tall

For if my time comes

And I must leave

I need you to remember me


Remember me always

Remember I love you

Remember I care

Remember when you need me

I’ll always be there

In mind and in spirit

In my heart and soul

You have a part of me forever


So I have a question

That needs an answer

Will you forget me never?

Will you remember the love

For all of your days?

Will you promise me

You’ll remember me always?