10 stereotypes athletes face

Jessica Kiss, For The Eagle Online

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Athletes all over the world are stereotyped based on race, height, gender, and several other reasons. Being stereotyped is awful no matter what it’s for. Here are a few stereotypes about athletes and sports…
#1: Only African Americans are good at basketball.
WRONG! There are several people who play basketball that are not African American and they are fantastic! Statistics also show that 72.2% of the NBA are African American. That seems like a lot, but think of the 20.2% that are not colored. Altogether the NBA has 30 teams.
#2: Soccer players over react.
Let’s face it getting kicked in the shin (or anywhere) isn’t very pleasant. There are many dives and head butts that happen, which can lead to injuries, but what’s the worst thing that could happen? Reports show that sprains from falling are the most common injury for soccer players.
#3: All women’s sports are inferior to men’s sports.
Most believe men’s sports are more difficult than women’s sports. Guys like to think that they are stronger than women. Although that may be true in some cases, there are also cases that disprove both sides of the argument.
#4: Softball is easier than baseball.
If you play softball and know guys who play baseball, then you’ve probably had this conversation a million times about how a softball is softer than a baseball; hence the name softball. Well guys, you’re wrong! Softballs are just as hard as and harder than a baseball. Don’t even get me started about how it’s “easier” to bat! Girls put just as much effort into sports as the boys do!
#5: All athletes have to be muscular or bulky.
If you ask anyone, most people will say girls shouldn’t be bulked up. Girls are athletes too, so from now on try not to think of all athletes being big and muscular. Think of all the females who play sports.
#6: The only ones good at hockey are Canadian.
When you think of hockey, Pittsburghers think of the Pittsburgh Penguins! Think of all the other players on the team that aren’t Canadian.
#7: Cheerleading isn’t a sport.
Jumping around and screaming definitely isn’t a sport, but when you add things to the equation that the average person can’t do. Consider it a sport!
#8: Being blonde and looking good in spandex automatically makes you good at volleyball.
Being good at volleyball has to deal with knowing the game. Having a good posture helps too. Learning and mastering these skills have nothing to do with being blonde, having beach waves in your hair, or being able to wear spandex.
#9: NASCAR is only for rednecks.
This stereotype typically comes from movies. Generally you’ll see a guy wearing ripped jeans a plaid shirt with a beater watching nascar and having a drink. Not all “rednecks” watch it.
#10: All student athletes are jocks.
Our biggest stereotype that a majority student athletes face. Not all of us are jocks! Student athletes have to maintain a certain GPA to stay be eligible to play sports that season, so they still have to do their work. Even if they are missing classes the teacher has the same expectations from them.