Why You Need Bad Aspects

Jahlia Finney, The Eagle Staff Columnist

In astrology, squares and oppositions are notorious for being hard to handle, while trines and sextiles are known for the opposite.  The later are nice, easy and normalized; they are in your chart to help you, or at least in the case of a sextile, there to give you the opportunity for something beneficial.  Squares and oppositions are obstacles; they’re like tall brick walls just lingering in your path, or at the very least, they’re a bit of a problem.

Yes, trines are very helpful; they are gifts that people can utilize without thinking about it.  Sextiles may require more work, but the end result is the same.  Squares and oppositions are a pain, and sometimes they take a while to overcome.

But, they cause growth, build character, and teach self-discipline.  Squares and oppositions teach people how to be resistant, how to fix mistakes, and how to be persistent when it comes to your growth.

Squares and oppositions teach you well needed lessons, and that’s why they’re necessary.