Captain Phillips Review


Levi Brown, Obama Eagle Staff Columnist

Disclaimer: You’re notice I called the pirates fishermen. This is because of what Muse said to Captain “Irish” Phillips that he is a fisherman, not a pirate.

“From now on this one is called Irish, okay?”

This quote is from the 2013 thriller film Captain Phillips (based on a true story), in which one of the fisherman, Muse asks Captain Phillips is he a Yankee, to which Philips responds with a yes. The movie was intensely gripping, constantly creating suspense with every scene. The film follows the 2009 hijacking incident of the Maersk Alabama by 4 Somali fishermen led by Muse, with Captain Phillips attempting to free himself along with his crew.

While the pirates are onboard the ship, Captain Phillips tells his crew that “you know the ship, they don’t.” Once told this, he tells the crew to break glass and set it down in the Engine Room, as one of the fishermen is barefoot. Once I saw this, I recognized that Phillips & his men were using guerrilla tactics. I was extremely shocked to see this, but it would be the only way to deter the fishermen from capturing the ship and killing the crew.

Later in the film, as part of the “deal” Muse was led onto a US Navy Seals boat where he would be taken onto another ship where the deal would occur. Secretly the Seals latched on a tug to the lifeboat that Muse had been using and pulled the lifeboat back toward the ship. Midway through this Captain Phillips is bound and about to be executed. When the Seals Commander senses something he calls for the tug to stop and says “Execute”. Marksman Snipers on the 3 fishermen kill their targets and Captain Phillips is safe. Once Phillips is safely back with the Seals he begins to break down while having an examination done on him.