Poem: Justice

Shayla Thompkins, For the Eagle Online

It’s been a problem for years,
Not enough fighting just billions of tears.
They don’t understand what justice is,
They say you get what you got.
You’re pulling me over for what…
Yeah sorry I officer I forgot.
You’ll pull me over
Cause’ Im black and it’s tinted
And then shoot me five times,
Sorry I forgot to mention.
And at the end try to say I resisted arrest,
But I did nothing wrong
Just riding around nothing more nothing less.
Next, you’ll kill my brother
Because he is also a black male
All he is had was tea and candy
So tell me why in the hell
And the killer of my brother
Gets nothing but a little air time,
Not even a small sentence,
Because they don’t see it as a crime.
They love to say, let’s not make it a race thing
But if race is the thing, what should we make it?
If Trayvon and Leon, could trade places with their antagonist
We know what would happen,
Justice would be served, just face it.