Tekkoshocon (First time convention experience)

Walter Robinson, Obama Eagle Staff Columnist

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Over the course of April 4-6, I attended my first convention, “Tekkoshocon” a.k.a “Tekko.”  Tekko is an anime convention in Pittsburgh hosted by the Pittsburgh JCS (Japanese Culture Society) at the David Lawrence Convention Center.

The first day, for me, was amazing.  From the first time seeing someone cosplay in public, seeing and talking to people with the same interests, the Dealer’s Room full of so many things with such variety and the panels that were scheduled throughout the day.  However, despite the fact that my 18th birthday was the same month and coming soon, I still was forced to abide by the rules of being 17 and under, with a yellow sticker on my badge.  Later on in that same day I found out when the time was for it to begin and end.  It began at 8AM and ended at 1:30AM instead of my original thought of 12N to 7PM.

The second of Tekko was possibly the best day, as I was able to come earlier, I was prepared for the day, and I had signed up for various tournaments and events.  During the day part if the convention I participated in a fighting game tournament, the game is no longer being developed and won 1st place in the Round 2.  Late day was also a time for a new experience as well, my first Rave Party.  The Rave Party, held in the main event room, was the crowning gem for the end of day 2, in my own personal opinion.

The final day was very bittersweet.  I made it around an hour or so towards the end, as this days’ time was from 8AM-4PM unlike the other days.  The closing ceremony, when I got there, was mainly feedback and Q&A on what could make Tekko better.

However it brought up a serious issue I had not seen, the harassment of various cosplayers and congoers both inside and outside the convention.  With time, hope, respect or just simple understanding and acceptance I hope no conflict or problems like that arise.

In the end my overall experience with this has to be one of my greatest if not the greatest experience of my life.  The people were nice, even honest in the moment I lost my phone and turned it into staff instead of keeping it, and accepting and enjoying others preferences.  I plan to go next year as well and have already registered.  Also another convention known as “Sangawa Project” is coming December 5-7 of 2014, also called “Tekko ½” and is for those 18+.

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