The Lies The Media Tell Us

Vera Fisk

Everyone assumes that because they heard it in the news or on social media it’s true, but most things that the media tells us are either twisted or plain lies.  The majority of the media is owned by the same huge corporations that control so many things, even outside of the media. There are very few sources that actually tell us the truth about what’s going on in our country and all around the world.

There are 6 corporations that own almost all of the media:  Vivendi, Time Warner, The Walt Disney Company, Murdock’s News Corp., Viacom, and Bertelsmann. They often twist the information they are feeding us and even completely lie. By doing this, they may be making money or be somehow connected to the government that is trying to hide something from us. Either way it is unfair and makes the country blind to the horrible things that are happening or think situations are much more serious and extreme then they are. Another part of media lying to people is social media. So many rumors are spread by social media like Twitter and Facebook. These rumors can go from one simple tweet or post and turn into something that millions of people around the world believe. It would surprise you the amount of people that think something is true just because they heard about it from the internet.

As you probably know, Ebola is a very big issue currently, but it is blown into much larger proportion that it is in reality.  Most news networks and other media sources have made exaggerated statements about Ebola such as the death rate is doubling every three weeks. In addition, the CDC is not necessarily to be trusted; they have a supposed criminal record and have been a large part of the people making the exaggerations. They have been saying that there is no cure for Ebola when in reality there was a vaccine developed in 2010 that works for monkeys and should’ve been tested for humans a long time ago. Social media also spreads lies about Ebola. A couple weeks ago my friend was on Facebook and saw something saying that there was Ebola in the Hill District, Pittsburgh. This was obviously a lie because if there was Ebola in our city we would’ve known about it, however, I’m sure there were many people that did believe this at first and didn’t realize until later that it was false. This can cause a lot of unnecessary chaos.

Another a huge problem with the media lying to us is when there is a war or problem with another country. All of these news make money from promoting war; this could make the media exaggerate so that more people watch the news therefore they make more money. Media can also be very biased toward the U.S. In the current situation in Palestine there is complete bias in the U.S., most Americans don’t know the full story and support Israel. If more people new the real facts about what is happening they would be much more likely to support Palestine.

Many news channels gave false reports regarding the Ferguson shooting in August. According to info wars, a site that reports the truth about current events, a CNN reporter completely lied about there being tear gas. It was said that the reporter said “no tear gas” when even the reporting teams were being affected by the tear gas. The police were using tear gas, which is banned from being used in combat in other countries. It is now being used on our own American citizens and reporters are lying, saying that it was only smoke grenades. The media also lied about the Michael Brown surveillance video, showing him committing a robbery before Darren Wilson, the police officer, shot him. This was completely unrelated however, it had happened hours before and Wilson had no knowledge of the robbery when he shot Michael Brown.

Most things you see on TV or on the internet and any other news source are lies or exaggerations. The majority of companies are only in it for the money no matter how much they have to twist the truth. So next time you see something crazy about Ebola or a war make sure you do your research and find out the truth.