Dress Codes: Do they really help?

Angel Antosz

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How do you feel if someone doesn’t follow the school dress code? I would feel like certain people only have to follow the dress code. Teachers tell students who have their pants sagging to pull them up. Most don’t do what they’re told. How would you feel if you were told to pull your pants up but someone else wasn’t? It isn’t like the dress code applies to some students. The dress code applies to all students. The dress code should be a required thing.

People that have traditions though, should not be affected. They may have to wear certain articles in their culture. I have this feeling that the people who follow traditions should be the ones to make a change. People who are sagging are just a horrible way to represent our school. We are an IB school and we need to uphold our place and encourage students to take a stand.

As a student, I feel that everyone should have to follow the dress code, but people with traditions to uphold should be able to keep their tradition going. A person who sags or wears something that is inappropriate should be told about it by the faculty and their fellow peers. We should be able to express ourselves with clothes but not convey a hurtful or obscene message.

As a newspaper reporter, I want to convey my message. Students should be punished for wearing something inappropriate or for not following the school dress code. We all have been told at one time or another we couldn’t wear something that we loved. If your outfit is inappropriate, then you will most likely be told about it. If an outfit is cute but inappropriate, keep it in your closet and wear it when you’re not in school.

All of this nonsense should stop. I think if one person can limit their outfit to something appropriate, then we all can. We can get the honor that our school deserves by starting with wearing the correct clothes.

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