The Memes of February

The Memes of February

Aastha Singh, Writer

Whether it’s pictures of Chuck Norris and Impact font or distorted oranges and Helvetica, memes come in all formats and genres. They rise and fall in popularity, evolving over time as most things on the internet do. Therefore, I have made it my mission to educate the students of Obama and showcase to them the cream of the crop, only the best and most relevant memes. Allow me to present to you the finest memes of February. Enjoy.

Well Yes, But Actually No

This meme is a scene from the animated movie So You Want To Be A Pirate!, but was inaccurately subtitled. This meme is usually used to ridicule people or groups who claim something but have nothing to back up their claims.

This is Beyond Science

This meme originated from the Bollywood movie 2.0 Online, said by a character called Dr. Vaseegaran. This meme is usually used to express mild shock at occurrences that are usually jokingly considered impossible.


This meme is more of a format than a picture. In all reality, this meme is just an excuse to post cursed images, or images that are very absurd and nonsensical. It displays a line of text on top, usually stating “Therapist: [insert image title] isn’t real, it can’t hurt you,” followed by the image at the bottom.

Finally, a Worthy Opponent

This meme is a scene from Kung Fu Panda, spoken by antagonist Tai Lung. This meme is used to compare and contrast two things, usually ones that conflict on a regular basis or are equal in some form or fashion.

Outstanding Move

This meme originated from a Spanish video that was analyzing a chess match between two chess masters. This meme is usually used as a satirical reaction to an action or thought that is slightly to incredibly illogical. On occasion, however, it can be used to express legitimate commendation.