Obama Academy Welcomes New 9th Grade Nation

The Eagle Staff

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Pittsburgh Obama Academy welcomed the class of 2014 today and the new Eagle 9th Grade Nation could not help but come away from the opening meeting with a sense of empowerment from school administrators and staff. School principal Dr.Wayne Walters opened the meeting with the note that “9th grade is a very exciting experience for students” just before introducing the school staff, calling them the students’ “source of inspiration.”

Walters stressed the need for focus and maturity among the new high school students, saying that IBMYP is “a very rigorous program….the focus needs to be on academic excellence.”  IBMYP Coordinator Mr. Chapman echoed those sentiments, stating that the school has high expectations for its students but is truly the place college bound students belong.  Mr.Chapman discussed the features of IBMYP before turning the program over to IBDP Coordinator Mr.Ehman, who discussed the rigors of the Diploma Programme but also detailed the advantages of attaining a diploma in the International Baccalaureate Programme where college is concerned. Like Dr.Walters, Mr.Ehman made note of the need for focus and the commitment to putting forth tremendous effort.

Pittsburgh Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Otuwa was also in attendance and briefly addressed the  new 9th graders, stating her high expectations for the students and the need to always put forth their best effort.

Dr.Walters closed the meeting with his motto for the school, “Nothing in life is so complicated that it cannot be achieved by discipline and hard work.”

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