February HS Focus Student–Erik Rauterkus


Renee Eddy Harvey

As we head towards March, we naturally think of last year’s thrilling run to the city championship in boys swimming and the accomplishments of swimmer Erik Rauterkus (center). Once again this year, the boys are poised for great accomplishments at the championships.

Erik Rauterkus is a sophomore at Obama Academy and is the fastest person on the swim team. The boys swim coach Mr. Gasparovic says “Erik is 120% in everything that he does.”        With City Championships coming up, Erik had a few words to say on the subject.

Q- What are your thoughts on the boy’s swim team this year?

ER-The team has a lot of potential, but there is some lack of dedication. But a lot of the freshmen, such as Ben Friedman have stepped up. Even with all the adversity our team has faced, we are definitely working on overcoming it and winning championships.

Q-What are your thoughts on your personal performance?

ER- I have been having a good year of training and I’ve been swimming really fast in practice. So far, this year, mentally– not everything has come together…yet. I am looking forward to the tapering (the rest) before Championships and States.

Q- What are your thoughts about the City Championships coming up?

ER- Well the team is projected to lose by 7 points, which is really close in swimming. I really believe we can win Champs if a bunch of kids step up. I personally hope to qualify for States in the 200 and 500, and maybe break a city record.

Q-And what about after high school? Do you have any desire to swim in college?

ER- Well, I would love to swim in college, but it depends on which college I go to and how much faster I get.

Q-Is there any person who inspires you to do your best ?

ER- Well my dad, the Schenley swimming assistant coach, always pushes me to do my best and helps me out a lot.

Q- What was your favorite swimming memory?

ER- Last year, it was the last relay in Champs and it was the most exhilarating moment ever. It was so loud you couldn’t even hear the person next to you. Everyone in that relay went really fast and that relay really pushed us ahead and the Schenley boys won championships for the first time.

Q- And what about your plans for the future?

ER- To win City’s for swimming and to try to break a couple city records as well.

Our best wishes to Erik and all of the swim team members for continued success.