A jump start on college

Jada McLain Ellis, The Eagle Staff Reporter

“Everyone needs a taste of college before they actually hit college,” says senior Canaan Reid.

Canaan had the privilege of staying at Clarion University for two weeks this past summer.  He was part of a program that made students view college in a different perspective, like the expenses and how you should value college.

For those kids who are interested in college and want the full experience, you should join the Clarion summer program. Just as Canaan Reid did before both his junior and senior years at Obama, you will have the chance of staying on campus at the dorms, taking classes, and doing different activities that you would do in college.

And if you’re a basketball fan like Canaan, it’s a sure bet that you will love to hoop with some of the college students. “It was fun and a great experience. I think everyone should get the chance I did,” says Canaan.

Look for more information on the Clarion 2012 summer program in the spring.