HOD does its part for Breast Cancer Awareness Month; You can help

Yassmine Kelly, The Eagle Staff Reporter

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Many people didn’t realize that October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many people support this fight in trying to find new ways to cure this cancer. Breast Cancer can strike not only women but also men as young as 17 years old. Truly, a wide variety of people have been affected by this disease.  It affects 1 in every 8 women and what makes things even worse for some people is that there are certain individuals who do not have health care so they can’t even receive treatment and will likely die without receiving the proper treatment.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sam Conturo who is the producer of HOD and along with writer and performer Mike Peterson have released a song called Think Pink in support of Breast Cancer.

You can find Think Pink on youtube.

Sam had some comments about the song and the issue of breast cancer, itself.

Q: How did u come up the idea of the song?

Sam: Well it was Mike’s idea. He wanted a song that was power and had a meaning to it.

Q: Is there a certain process you do in figuring out the beats to the songs? Do you need to hear the song first or pick out the beat first?

Sam: It’s all different, but for this song Mike rapped to me a little and I had a few beats already picked out. I just picked one that flowed with the song.

Q: What are your views concerning Breast Cancer?

Sam: I think it should be an all year round effort and not just for October. It’s a fight that we should we keep fighting for and that’s how the song helps. Think Pink is a good start and it helps takes things further.


Even though Breast Cancer Awareness month is ending, you can still help. You can help fight the fight that many people struggle with every day. There are a number of organizations that you can get involved with to support the fight against breast cancer, and one of them is the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

The NBCF provides free mammograms for women who need them, so that doctors can detect this cancer early. It also provides educational programs to provide answers to anyone whose life is touched by breast disease.

You can also make a difference by donating to any breast cancer organization, making a corporate sponsorship, conducting fundraising efforts for breast cancer research, or volunteering for breast cancer research and victims by getting involved in events, like doing the walk.

Every effort counts, so get involved.

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