There’s a lot to like about Allegheny College

There's a lot to like about Allegheny College


                Corey Dorsey introduced himself as the administrations head of Allegheny College along with introducing himself, he introduced the presentation; which wasn’t a presentation at all, it was a conversation. He put five packets of information and his business card on the desks that formed a table.

                Allegheny College is located in Meadeville, has 2100 students, and is a liberal arts college. The 3 basic divisions or areas of study are Humanities (fine arts, etc.), Social Sciences (psychology, etc.), and Natural Sciences (physics, etc). When attending this school, you must major in one division, minor in a different division, and attend a class in the division that’s left. Because of this system you have a better chance of getting into the classes that you want to. Going along with the topic of majors, you don’t have to declare it until your sophomore year.

                This school is mainly known for its Natural Science division because of the updated buildings that allow a casual learning environment. Speaking of buildings, the main portion of the campus is located in a two block radius however they own about 50 acres that are used for environmental studies. Inside and around the two block radius are houses and what not. With that, students are required to live on campus property for all four years; the first year you’re required to live in a dorm or suite setting and as the years go on you are able to choose from different housing options. Going back to the houses that are owned by Allegheny there are special interest housing options, which basically means that they have ‘themed’ houses. For example they have a ‘Spanish’ house wherein all of the students have agreed to speak only Spanish while in the household.

                Mr. Dorsey also said to the small group that attended that the price of a college deter you from applying because financial aid and scholarships are available and accessable. Now with that in mind, tuition plus room and board plus miscellaneous fees adds up to about $45,000. However, before you freak out about pricing, this school has a 50% acceptance rate. 50%! Now speaking of admissions, Corey recommended an interview (along with the essay) which can be set up online.

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