Anna Telmer back at school after 10 days in China

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Anna Telmer, an 8th grader here at Obama landed back in Pittsburgh December 6th, from her ten day trip to China. She is still jetlagged from the eleven hour time difference.

When she landed in China with her family friends, it was smoggy, damp and it was night time. The first thing she did the next day was visit the bell and drum towers in Beijing where she watched a drum performance which she enjoyed. She encountered a lot of strange food. “In Beijing they ate duck organs and ox testicles. In Chengdu the food was very, very, very spicy and extremely cheap. Six of us ate a meal of 11 bowls each for a total of $5!”

The people she traveled with were Germans and had red and blonde hair so “everyone took pictures of them.” Anna says.

“The traffic was horrible. Many people rode bikes. We mostly got around by taxi’s, a van and walking, though.” In Shanghai ,Anna shopped for souvenirs and gifts to bring back to her friends and family. “The city was really futuristic. Everything was lit up and there were huge TV screens on the sides of buildings.”

Getting around was not too hard, even though Anna does not speak any Chinese. She said most people spoke enough English to communicate with them, except for the older people.

All in all, she enjoyed her trip although it was not exactly as she had expected. “Cities that I learned about in school were much different than I imagined. There was so much to do.” This was not the first time Anna has been out of the country and she hopes to travel more.

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