PPS budget crisis threatens jobs, programs

Devoughn Spratt, Joel Macklin and Jymier Johnson, for The Eagle

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“It’s unfortunate but it needed to be done.” This is what all the teachers say in the Pittsburgh Public School District, as the budget cuts are being passed by Pennsylvania senate, this budget cut will put hundreds of jobs at risk. Tom Corbett Pennsylvania governor believes the least important of spending of PA is education. Many things are at risk with these budget cuts such as, after school programs, sports teams, and artistic programs.

Any teacher who teaches will tell you that they will be affected. Arts teachers are in fear of losing materials they have become used to, and will need to spend money out of pocket. Ms. Cicone (technology teacher) fears for her job because her lack of seniority puts her higher up on the list to be laid-off.

The journalism department here at Obama has no fear of being cut, but fears that other artistic programs will be affected heavily are always in the backs of their minds. “Dr. Lane should cut programs taking place outside of school” Mr. Kocur says. If this were to go through, it will affect students who just want to let out their artistic juices. So these programs outside of school will actually hurt our student’s freedom for a free art or athletic program.

More than teachers will be cut, however. Principles even have fear for their jobs. Dr.Walters, principle ofObamaAcademy, does not only fear for the teachers, but fears that Obama will lose everything that sets itself apart from other schools.

A large thing that attracts students to PPS is the Pittsburgh Promise. Just to put you at ease by saying that it will not be affected. It is a program that is based on donations from large local businesses with off-shore accounts. So parents can take a breath of relief, as their children still have the extra support for college.

A large part of the debt is old buildings that cannot be sold. The old unused buildings that PPS no longer uses cannot be sold with all the health risks they hold. Even though they can sell the Reizenstein,Ridge Avenuebuildings, and auction off Schenley, it will barley make a difference in the PPS deficit.

The hurricane of debt has also reached smaller schools as PPS closes more and more schools. These include Fort Pitt, Oliver, and Langley. This will save PPS millions, but won’t be the only major change, so look out.

To save money, leaders of PPS are taking money out of their own pockets. Linda Lane PPS superintendent nobly turned down a $15,000 raise. She felt like if the district was losing money, that she should, as well.

So with that, all us students, the teachers, and other staff of PPS can do is keep an eye on what is being cut by who and hopefully make sure that we don’t have the screws put to us in the process.

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