Obama begins preparations for move to Peabody building

Kendra Davis, The Eagle Staff Reporter

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Part 1 in a series


Next fall, Obama Academy will be moving to Peabody. The school formally known as Frick moved into the building it is currently in during the 2009-2010 school year, and is set to move yet again.

At present, there are both positive and negative feelings toward this move but not many people hear the students’ side. Ben Freemen thinks the move is good and is not one driven by financial difficulty because the building is bigger. “The moves actually will save money in the long run.” said Ben.

Chekaesha Neal likes the idea of moving but says the lockers are way smaller. Many people agree with the move but there are also students against it, like Taylor Newman who doesn’t really want to move because she is used to the school and doesn’t want to have to learn a whole new one.

“I think it’s dumb; it’s more work for people who live far away because its so out of the way,” she says.

She wonders what we need a bigger place for if there are relatively few students in the school now.

Ready or not, like it or not, the move comes at the end of the year. If you went through the move from Frick to Reizenstein, then you already know the drill: lots of packing and unpacking, and things being temporarily misplaced. And of course, lots of getting used to the new place.

We will continue to examine this move from many angles in the weeks ahead.

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