The problem with cell phones

Miriam Levenson for The Eagle

With over 300 million cell phones in the world, it is easy to see them wherever you look.  You find people staring down at the device in a work place, on the street, in a house, even while driving!  These cellular devices give us almost everything we need at the tips of your fingers.  At first glance, these phones seem almost too good to be true.  Though when further researched, phones may not be man’s best friend.

As many children and adults would say, modern phones are hard to live without.  When bought, the standard internet phone comes with a high pixilated camera, a world clock, a calculator with a tip finder, and much more.  On top of this, people have the choice to download millions of apps, as the popular propaganda add, “There’s an app for everything.”  Some popular apps are games, gps, flashlights, sports updates, and even a “lost phone” app.  There are application magazines full of apps people can buy and download.

Even if all the entertainment on these apps does not intrigue you, these phones have internet access almost anywhere.  The internet allows you infinite entertainment and information.  People usually use it for work purposes.  For example, your email is always close by in your jean pocket.

These days, socializing is the easiest tasks due to our phones.  We have over 4 different options of talking to someone else.   Most people with phones have the ability to text.  This as an easy, relaxed way of communication.  Also, there is instant messaging.  People are able to talk to others immediately by typing using this method.  Next, is the standard phone call.  This method has been used since 1973.  A more recent form of communication is video calling.  This allows people to talk to one another and see the others’ faces at the same time.

The modern cell phone also has its disadvantages.  To begin, they are expensive.  The average cost of one internet phone is $50 a month.  The average family of four would be spending over $200 a month a cell phones.  Since every essential tool is programmed to y our choice, without your phone you are lost.  Next, modern phones are full of distractions.  Since many apps are made for entertainment and phones are always on, people start to put work second and phones first.  Another problem with the advanced phones is face-to-face communication will soon be lost.  With the advances continuing at this rate, people will soon stop communicating face-to-face.

The biggest and most worrisome problem with cell phones is the health hazard.  Researchers have proven cell phone radiation has a link to Alzheimer’s diseases, brain tumors, and cancer.  Not only this, but phones can cause headaches and hearing problems.  With technology advancing faster, so is the health hazardous.


Modern internet cell phones are fun, efficient and useful.  Though, they are also expensive, distractive, and hazardous.  Next time you pick up your cool, hip, fun phone, think, is it worth it?